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Hey girl hey!

I’m officially back in New York city (does happy church dance) and kinda sorta back in the groove. I’ve got tons of product reviews, funny a$$ vlogs, and.. wait for it… I’m bringing back my style diary! In case you were somewhere living your own life and not stalking mine (please believe I love stalkers), you might not have known that I moderated a panel on social media at The Makeup Show last week. 

I’m still waiting on the footage from the actual panel, but here I am in the video below being interviewed by my good friend Monae chatting about having a successful blog. I’m at the 2:36 mark if you want to skip.

Enjoy, press like and all that jazz! 

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It’s been a minute since I’ve done my blogversations. And it wasn’t until that question “how come you haven’t done (dot dot dot)” arose that made think well, why haven’t I done Blogversations.

There’s no real reason other than that I’ve been busy meeting TONS of TRILLIONS of folks in the industry. The past 6 months has been cray (in my Kanye voice). So now it’s time to update you guys with all the cool peeps I now call my friends.

Julie Kandalec and I met way-back-when in the middle of the tents at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week one fall. I literally talked her head off, stalked her on twitter, all while she gave me my first Essie manicure. I kept in touch with her, via twitter of course, and just so happen to run into her again during my shoot with Stacy London (read that post here).

So without further rambling, allow me to introduce you guys to Julie Kandelac. For this blogversation I sent Julie 5 questions. ENJOY View Full Post

The internet bees are buzzing about celebrity hair stylist, Nadia Vassell. Her work has been featured in major publications including Essence, Black Sophisticate, XXL Eye Candy, Heart and Soul, Smooth, and Uptown Magazine. Recently she’s been responsible for taming those gorgeous locks of actress Tika Sumpter. I got the opportunity to pick Nadia’s brain a bit about her favorite styling products, her spring 2012 trend forecast, and what’s next on her plate. View Full Post

You guys know by now I totally love talking. As shy as I am, once I’m comfortable with you or the minute you laugh at my not-so-funny jokes, I yap your ears down under your blouse until you walk away or beg me to shut up. So naturally I love interviewing people. Especially folks in the industry that are making moves.

Back in 2010 I did a few posts under the title of A Blogversation with… In my quest to bring you more original content, the series introduces you to the many talented people I know in the business. Blogversations will highlight some of my friends in fashion, fab bloggers, newbies to modeling, and my favorite creative folks.

Please allow me to introduce you to fashion stylist Robin Fisher of Polished Image & Style.  For this blogversation I sent Robin a series of fill in the blank statements for her to answer. ENJOY! View Full Post