Top 5 Sites to Buy Affordable Beauty Products

From those expensive eyeshadow pallets to the latest trends in hair care, a simple trip to the store is enough to break a beauty addict’s budget. I just dropped $75 at Ricky’s. Dude I bought FOUR things. LAWRD.

Since we are clearly not going to STOP buying makeup we have to find a balance. There’s a few discount beauty websites that offer huge deals on basic and high-end products. These sites let makeup lovers (points at you and me) stock up and try out more of their favorites for way less. Check out five sites where you can buy discount makeup online! View Full Post


It’s officially countdown time, the holidays are practically here! You know that means we’ll all be making a cameo at the hottest party in the city. Whatever city you live in that it. That also means, lots of holiday looks to flaunt before the year ends. Gurl, what we wearing? We cannot wait until the last minute to put our looks together. We’ve all been down that road and it’s no fun. So, let’s plan now, especially when there’s so many sales to take advantage of!

I’ve scoured the internet as usual (I’m kind of an addict!) to bring you my favorite holiday clutches! What’s a great dress without fabulous holiday accessories? From BCBG Max Azria to Rebecca Minkoff, this post will serve as your catalyst to your next new clutch collection for not only the holidays but for future date nights, office parties or just-wanting-to-look-amazing moments.

And at under $50, it’s a cinch! Happy Shopping. View Full Post


Hey beauties and beaus, Maui here.

I know you’ve noticed that I stepped out of the box and addressed the beaus too, beauties, well it is with good reason. This post is to assure that we get this sh!t right once and for all. With the holiday season being in full swing and everyone looking for the perfect gifts for their loved ones; I feel obligated to drop a few jewels (and bombs). In an effort to make sure that you are enlightened about the dos and don’ts of gift giving when it comes to fat girls.

Yes, you read correctly; there are dos and don’ts in regards to buying gifts for fat girls. I think that many times people take the whatever attitude when shopping for us, and that works my nerves. If I can apply what I know about you and buy a gift that you will enjoy I expect the same in return. Oh, and before anyone adds their two-cent and says, “it’s the thought that counts”, I want to let you know that is the point I am trying to make. With some of the gifts you buy us, it is obvious that there was little to no thought involved.

Please don’t get it twisted, this is not about the monetary value of the gift, it is literally about the thought. If you know your fat girl like you should know your fat girl, it shouldn’t be that hard to give her a great gift that she can appreciate as opposed to one that will get trashed or re-gifted. However, since it is obvious that some of you are clueless, I’m going to put you on to some game.

Check this, below are four gifts I almost guaran-damn-tee (in my Erykah Badu voice) fat girls don’t want: View Full Post


Hey Beauties, Valerie here! It’s officially the holiday season. And with Christmas right around the corner, 3 weeks to be exact, it’s time to start thinking about meaningful gifts for our loved ones. This holiday guide, in particular, is geared towards the special gifts for the entrepreneurs in our lives that won’t break the bank.

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Black Friday Deals

Technically Black Friday is happening now. While I love a good sale I am tapping out on the festivities this year to spend more time with my budget (and my family) but that should not stop you from indulging in finding your next favorite luxury purchase.

If long lines aren’t your cup of tea, shop online. And now you can do this on Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

Because I love you, I’ve gathered a few deals to give you a head start on your holiday list!

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dsw gift guide-1

At some point this week, I looked on my blog and realized we wrote a lot of holiday content. From great holiday beauty finds, to gifts to grab your boyfriend, to gifts that I promise won’t hurt your wallet–we’ve covered everything!

But during my holiday research I realized there was one list, one person, that we were forgetting! ME.

I’ve worked hard and stayed up to the wee hours in the morning writing my soul out of my heart, I deserve a gift. I deserve a bunch a gifts. Actually, I deserve at least seven. Besides I haven’t been shopping since last week (LOL). Plus, I’ve been on a mission to upgrade my closet with staple pieces like LBDs, blazers, and an endless supply of white shirts. Now that my staples are almost checked off (I think I need a few more pairs of jeans), I realized that I didn’t have not one pair of fly shoes to compliment all of my new threads. I mean, what’s an outfit without a great pair of shoes.

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