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It’s true! Being a mother is the hardest job ever. I thought that I would be less worried now that my son is 20 but that is far from the truth. But it was much harder when he was younger. I remember when my son was in middle school I tried to trust that he’d walk home the two blocks we lived from his school without getting in trouble. Bad decision on my behalf. There were broken teeth, bullies and he even got lost once. And by lost I mean he decided to head to the playground with a group of friends instead of coming home.

Add on all the random sniffles and flus (oh and he played football) and you can imagine the stress I endured. Caring for your children and your family can send you to the crazy house.

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Instagram-Post (1)

Hey beauties, its your girl Maui! I don’t know about you but I love social media (especially Instagram). Aside from the fact that it contributes to my coinage (and y’all know your girl loves those coins), social media provides me with the opportunity to connect with women from different walks of life and collect gems that encourage me to do all kinds of #QueenShit.

Like always, this week I spent a lot of time (more than I should have) on social media. However, it wasn’t time wasted because as usual, I found plenty of dopeness and inspiration. I live for a good quote; one that inspires, empowers or makes a bold bad ass statement. If that quote comes from a woman…that just sweetens the pot for me.

Everyday, no matter my mood I share an uplifting photo or quote; some come from me, some come from celebrities and others are things that I have found on social media. It seems as though women empowering women has become a trend, and I couldn’t be happier. Women encouraging other women while showing the world how amazing we really are–I am totally here for that, and you should be too!

In the event that you are not as into social media as I am, I decided to share a few I loved this week.  Check the hashtags and follow these ladies for more empowerment…FOR US BY US (LOL! Shout out to FUBU).

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Drunk DIY

My good good girlfriend, Gavyn (aka The Curvy Cutie) invited me over for some libations and some Pumpkin Decorating–aka #DrunkDIY. Even though I was am mad sick I still trekked it all the way uptown to Harlem for some homemade spiked apple cider and a little drunk DIY.

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Over the last few months, Amber Rose has been speaking out candidly about slut-shaming on Twitter and other social media outlets. Since Amber started this campaign, there has been an outpouring of support and an equal amount of opposition for the movement.

It’s a conversation that certainly needs to be had but I think that some people are too caught up in the word slut and their views of Amber. They don’t know that the Slutwalk has its own history which is a vital part of women’s history that didn’t begin with Amber at all.

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Hey beauties, Maui here! In honor of breast cancer awareness month I want to share a bit of my truth with you.

My boobs have been my worst enemy since I was 8 years old. While all of my friends were wearing training bras, I was forced to wear a damn 18 hour bra (literally). Imagine what running and playing was like with the other girls while those jugs bobbed up and down. A little girl walking around with a body like a grown woman is a recipe for disaster (that’s another post). Needless to say, I hated my body!

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cookie you not about that life

For me, watching TV show requires my Twitter family (hey y’all) and a few cocktails. It’s just better TV when you have your favorite digital friends around to talk ish with. And the cocktails are an obvious need want.

But everyone isn’t a bartender and cocktails can go real wrong, really quick. So in the spirit of Tweetwatching, it’s only right that I bless you with some cocktail recipes.

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