Chrissy Teigen feels

Oh the Internet! Isn’t it just the most magical thing that’s ever been invented. You find yourself 5 hours into scrolling, your eyes are weak from the thug tears you’ve just dropped and your lungs are stressed out due to all of the cackling you’ve done, but still you hold steadfast and keep those fingertips scrolling. This is how the Internet rabbit hole works.

Each years seems like the year of the meme/gif/video, giving us golden unicorn after golden unicorn filled with belly jerking laughs.

So I’ve taken the liberty of complying my top 15. (Don’t forget to comment and let me know what your favorite one is!) View Full Post

2015 black women who slayedHey beauties, Maui here (possibly) for the last time this year!

Those wise words came from Margaret Thatcher and they are without question; the realest words, I never wrote. Like most women, nearly all of the time, Margaret was right (LOL)! Women are and have always been doers, we seldom sit around discussing what needs to be done because we know…IT NEEDS TO BE DONE!

One of the greatest strengths of being a woman is our inclination to just do the work. We may not always be politically correct but who cares as long as we get results. We don’t approach things with our hands out or asking tons of questions; If we needed something, we get it and if we see a void; we fill it! Lastly, if the rules have to be broke, we are not afraid to break them.

This year, there were so many women who refused to be held back by anyone or anything. I’m talking about women who kicked major ass despite what others thought, women who were not afraid to fall because they knew that the chance of flying were greater. Women like you, your mother and maybe your best friend who didn’t hesitate to write their own rules even if it meant risking it all. View Full Post

how to create the perfect work life balance

Believe it or not, not every blogger is a “professional” blogger. Most bloggers have a 9-5 that they either love or hate and blogging is a community that they’ve grown to adore and are super passionate about. HOWEVER…I am no longer a part of that club. And oddly enough I find it even harder now to create a perfect work/life balance because everything is considered work for me.

Even as I type this I am sneaking away during our annual family Christmas vacation so that I can blog (my boyfriend is waiting not so patiently in the living room so that we can play spades). Because in my eyes, there are no days off. But in order for my life not to end with weekly visits to a therapist’s couch, it’s important for me to figure this out. While this post is for anyone struggling to create work/life balance, it’s also to remind me of the things I know I need to do in order to be productive.  View Full Post

Absolut Hoppr

You guys! It happened. And I don’t even know when it happened. But I blame my mother for it happening. I am officially a Christmas fanatic! When I was growing up, Christmas was a big deal in our house. So much so, we had the perfect decorations each year! My dad handled the outside and my mom handled the inside of our house. Somehow my mother managed to position all of our gold Christmas decorations on our 12′ foot tree the same way each and every year. It was pure magic to experience. It was almost like she would just take our tree completely decorated straight out of the box we stored it in. But I’d watch her spend hours fussing over our tree and the decorations in our home. Everything had to be perfect.

I’m not that obsessed (yet) but I feel it coming. Currently, I just wanna throw tons of parties and have all my good good girlfriends come over and sing with me. The most amazing part about all of this revelation is that everyone knows that I cannot sing so its pure entertainment to hear my Mariah notes in person…outside of my shower.

Well, thanks to my recent partnership with Absolut, that’s exactly what I did this year.  View Full Post

holiday gift guide for bloggers

Hello beauties, Jordan here! Can you guys believe Christmas is next week. Where did the time go? This holiday season I was thinking about the tough time my friends and family have buying me gifts, especially when it comes to clothes, since I am a blogger. I figured maybe you might be in the same boat as my besties. Well, I’m here with a holiday gift guide full of the perfect bits to buy that blogger in your life!!

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amber riley-1Hey beauties, Maui here!

I have to admit, 2015 has been a fantastic year. Yes, there were some lows but there were a lot of highs too. This year proved to be one in which women soared above expectations and did all kinds of queen sh*t. One group of women that really enjoyed plenty of highs are my plus size beauties. Despite the lack of real trendy clothes to buy, these ladies with a little extra cushion definitely did it big (pun intended) in 2015 and dabbed on anyone who tried to stand in our way. View Full Post