American Heart Association You Go Girl 2

A few weeks ago I traveled to Chicago with American Heart Association to kick off their newest Go Red For Women campaign, #YouGoGirl. I’ve been a long time supporter of American Heart Association. Their Red Dress Collection fashion show is one of my all time favorite events during fashion week. So when I was asked to help kick off this campaign I was thrilled. And then I thought, “Oh snap, I haven’t been to the doctor in forever!” (feel free to judge me!) View Full Post

how to get a jump start on the new year
Well beauties, it is officially that time of year again! No, I am not talking about the obvious; holiday season. I am talking about the time of year when everyone and their mama (literally) begins to make plans for the New Year. Some are realistic and others are farfetched but nearly everyone has at least one New Year’s resolution.

My take on New Year’s resolutions is that they are great, if you plan to do the work. I think that some people assume that things are going to adjust merely because they say they want them to. To the notion that you don’t have to put in any work, my response is, “no ma’am Pam”; nothing works unless you do. View Full Post

5 ways to get fit without running

Image Credit: The Feminist Wire

Hey beauties! Jordan here, and today I’m gonna tell you all about how to get that crazy fit body that you’ve dreamed of–without running!

Listen, running isn’t for everyone, and ever since I had issues with my knees (the struggle is real), it’s too stressful on my body for me to go running often. I’ve actually managed to stay in shape without running. I’ve been lucky enough to meet other women and men who are fit, but they didn’t have to go running to maintain their shape. So here’s 5 ways to get fit, but without the stressful motion that running places on your body!

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thanksgiving dinner

This holiday season, I am overly “emo” about everything. Every sad movie scene (The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 really did a number on me), or depressing verse in any sappy song (please don’t play All I Want For Christmas in my presence) you can best believe that I am in tears accompanied by a snotty nose and uncontrollable lip quivers.

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Young woman wearing fur coat

Moving can be an absolute pain! I’ve moved at least 7 times in the last 10 years and I only hired movers one of those times. Not only is the act of moving your things from one place to another utterly soul shattering, but packing all your belongings and then unpacking them with an attempt to put them exactly where they were could cause a panic attack.

While I AM not moving ANY TIME SOON, I figured since I am a bit of a pro at this I’d share all the moving hacks I’ve learned along the way and a few I Googled that I wish I had of known when I was moving.

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