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OMGEEZY! I realize I’ve been real rude and I didn’t introduce my new (not so new anymore) lifestyle writer. Plus size fashion blogger and all around badass entrepreneur, Maui Bigelow has been penning some of your favorite posts since June 2015!

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Am I the only one totally excited for fall? Besides chucking up the deuces to our 100-degree weather summer, it’s finally Football season. That means on Sundays I’ll be positioned comfortably in the middle of our couch watching all the games (partly because of my Fantasy Football habit).

While I love entertaining, on most days it’s just me and BAE chilling on our sectional fighting over the remote. Same goes for Football Sundays, expect this past this week, I teamed up with Seagram’s Escapes to throw a kickoff party…for two! Instead of packing up the car, I emulated the fun of Sundays at the stadium right in our own home.

So how did I do it? Here’s six quick tips to help you plan your game day party.

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5 T.

hey beauties, maui here!

One of the most meaningful, challenging and rewarding relationships a woman will have in her life is a mother/daughter relationship. Whether you are the mother or the daughter, this relationship will have a defining impact on your life.

As a girl, I can remember watching my mother’s every move; wanting to be like her in many ways and in others saying, “I will never do that.” While many of my friends thought that my mother was fun and cool, I sometimes saw her as the wicked witch. “Hell No,” seemed to be her response for damn near anything I asked her. Parties? “HELL NO!” Sleepovers? “HELL NO!” As a teenager I felt like there was no middle ground, I either did exactly as she instructed or my ass was grass (and she was the mower).

As an adult and a mother with my own daughter, I totally respect all that she did and didn’t let me do. All those whoopins’ and “HELL NO’s” are the reason I graduated high school (without being a teenage mother)/college, why I am the woman I am today and why I am the mother that I am to my daughter.

Aside from my mother/daughter relationships, I have had the pleasure of watching other girls. For nearly 20 years (yeah I know, I am seasoned), I have worked with and mentored teenage girls. I have heard stories that you wouldn’t believe, I know mothers who struggle with mothering their daughters and have witnessed girls acting out due to being misguided by their mothers. For these and other reasons, allow me to share with you a few things mothers should know about their daughters.

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Come Clean NY Gorgeous In Grey IMG_0014

Cleaning is by far the most unpleasant thing I’ve ever experienced. I think in my former life I had a maid. A butler. A driver. A cook. Like, I had help! I must have been a princess or something because I hate cooking and cleaning with every fiber in my soul. My boyfriend will set up our speaker system and blast trap music while he scrubs our walls but me…I procrastinate beyond belief when it’s time to get our apartment together. You know what else annoys me. Cleaning is a weekly, sometimes daily task. Who has time for this?

So if you’re not naturally prone to neatness (who are you people), you know how tough it can be to put away the dishes or pick up a duster. To help you (and me) out, here are three tips, tricks, and strategies that have helped me tackle that terrible, awful job called cleaning the house!

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10 Things You Should Know About Fat Girls
What is curvy, confident, insecure, pretty, ugly, feisty and sweet? A group of fat girls. Yes honey, we represent life’s variety;  just like finger prints, no two are the same. You heard me right, no two fat girls are the same, so stop putting us all in that raggedy ass box together.

Seen one fat girl, seen them all…LIES YOU TELL (in my Tamar voice)! We are nothing alike with the exception of having a little extra cushion (for the pushing) and hell even that is different. There are still some who think that they know all of us just because they know a couple of us and to that I say…HAVE SEVERAL SEATS (yep Tamar again)!

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