9 Of The Best Movies On Netflix To Watch With Your Girls Right Now


I love going out and seeing my best gal pals, but I can’t be out all the time. Good thing I love to entertain. So what’s the easiest way you’re guaranteed to have a good time with your girls without all the hassle? All you need is a Netflix account (or access to one, because, hey, all you friends who share your passwords, you the real MVP), some cocktails and some snacks.

Here are the best Netflix movies you can watch right now with your girls for a night of debaucherous fun.

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Tech Yeah: 7 Steps To Get Started On Periscope

periscope how toOn March 26, Medium launched a little app called Periscope that would allow people to see the world through someone else’s eyes. Periscope is a live streaming app that allows you to share and watch live broadcasts on your phone or tablet. Instead of a video clip posted after the fact, Periscope allows views to go along with broadcasters in real time with live video. Once the lovely folks at Twitter got a hold of it, the app exploded and just about everyone is scoping.

If you want to get in on the fun, but aren’t quite sure where to start, here are some tips on how to get started on Periscope.

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6 Things Every Black Couple Should Think About Before Getting Into A Relationship

6 Things That Are More Important Than

I know most of you beauties can agree, there is something about a tall, handsome man who smells good. I also know some of you beauties will agree that you are a sucker for a beautiful woman (yeah, not all women are checking for a man). There is just so much chemistry (and lust) wrapped up in a strong physical attraction between two people. But as much as those physical features may catch our eye, for most of us, it takes more to keep our attention.

Let’s keep it real, most of you can admit that you have passed on a man (or woman) with potential for one that was good to look at. I know I have on several occasions (they were just so fine!).

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5 Things Every Empowered Woman Knows

Businesswoman talking on cell phone in city

We could very well be on the heels of one of the greatest feminine movements of our time. With our awesome FLOTUS, Michelle Obama, the possibility of our country’s first female president, Hilary Clinton and many other strong women taking the lead in society; it is obvious that girls run the world (cue Beyoncé ).

While every woman has the potential to be great and change the world, not every woman is there yet. However, it is important for all women to know what it takes to be an empowered woman. Although there are many components below you will find five things that an empowered woman knows.

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24 Things That Will Make Feel Like You’ve Got A New Phone

coloful iphone cases

Anyone else buy new phone cases to trick your mind into thinking that you’ve got a new phone. No? Stop lying! It cannot be just me. I’ve been fighting the itch to get that new iPhone 6, but I refuse. Mainly because there really isn’t anything wrong with my iPhone 5S and I feel peer pressured because all my friends are out here “flicka their wrists” with that joint’s bomb camera (although the iPhone 6 front camera is whack!).

So instead of buying a new phone for $300-600, I OD on phone cases. I probably have about 15…(I feel you judging, kinda don’t care!).

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