Quit Your Day Job-1

Actually YES! I’ve done it myself…twice! While being an entrepreneur is the scariest nerve-wrecking thing you will ever do, it’s also the most liberating experience you will ever have.

As I was watching the premiere of Oxygen’s new series, “Quit Your Day Job” I couldn’t help but to reflect on my own entrepreneurial journey (catch up by reading this post). It’s been almost four years since I traded my boring sucky, yet stable and well-paying, government job for my wildly fabulous and at most times unpredictable life in New York. From my mother’s unexpected death, to bouncing from Manhattan couch to Brooklyn couch for 8 months, I’ve got a ton of not-so glamorous stories to tell you. But…I have no regrets and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. View Full Post

WHM Women Who Have Changed The World

As women, we exude power! We don’t need men (although who’s gonna change those lightbulbs), the media or this society to validate us. However, one thing we do require is representation and recognition.

We’ve made huge strides in the fields of politics, science, art and entertainment. But one thing we want to emphasize is that the only reason we are at this point today is because of the women who have come before us.

Thank God Congress gave us our own month and here at GIG, we’re taking it and running with it!  From Rosa Parks to Michelle Obama, we are celebrating the great contributions women have made to American culture. We’re grateful for the women who had their firsts so that we didn’t have our lasts. We’re grateful for their audaciousness because it fed us the potion of resilience. And hey, we’re grateful for all of you women who are killing it in the game.

There are too many women in our nation’s history to count, but we’re sharing a good chunk that you may or may not know of! Nothing wrong with expanding our minds and supporting women who are doing and have done great things.

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auto show

The New York International Auto Show (NYIAS) is coming to New York City March 25- April 3, 2016 and I’m a little excited. Deep down inside, under my trillions of makeup palettes and red lipsticks, I’m a bit of a car fanatic. And by fanatic I mean if I were a millionaire I’d collect cars that would sit in my driveway only to drive one on Sunday afternoons. Anyways!

If you’re in town and want to go to NYIAS, jump ahead and enter the giveaways at the bottom of this post.  View Full Post


GIRL! Lawrd Jesus be one of those fences that hold you close to someone else who goes to church more often than you!

This happened.

I am very proud because this was on my bucket list. Actually, I wanted to full on jump out of a plane. Like a plane in the sky close to Heaven where my mother resides. In theory, it sounded like an awesome freaking idea. Until I did the faux diving, aka indoor skydiving. Those real skydiving dreams are long gone. I’m good! View Full Post

GIG Princess Cruises Fresh Face

Ahh, vacations! We love them, but we hate to think too much about it. The more we think of the logistics, the less we have fun. I recently traveled to the Caribbean with Princess Cruises and OMG, it took forever to get ready. Then when I returned I was going through serious withdrawals so my bag stay packed until the next month. (Don’t you dare judge me!)

So because I love you, here are 10 lazy but effective travel tips you need to be aware of before your next trip.

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