5 Ways To Stay Inspired At A Job You Really Hate

sad at jobBeing stuck in a job you hate is the worst. It can really crush your spirits and make you feel less than at times. But before you go quitting all willy nilly, you can still stay at your job and gather some inspiration along the way until you’re ready to give it the heave ho.

Here are some ways you can stay inspired at a job you really hate.

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The One Item That Saved Me During My Vegas Vacation

Venus Razor - 3

Am I the only one who only shaves during the summer and/or on vacation? Don’t judge me!

During my recent vacation to Vegas I got to play with a new toy–the new portable Venus Snap with Embrace Razor (it’s sort of amazing). In real life! And I am not just saying that because I could not fit my regular razor in my suitcase. I legit overpacked for my vacation and squeezing anything else in my carry-on was about to be a serious TSA violation.

I slide my little blue razor case in my purse just in case and headed for the slots!

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My Mother Died A Year Ago TODAY & I’m Kinda Feeling…

me and mommy collage

When my mother died I realized that no one would ever love me like that again. I always knew that no matter what I did, good or bad, she loved me anyway. Not to say that my father hasn’t been there or that he doesn’t love me. Or that my son’s love isn’t the best thing since honey-buttered biscuits (Have you had them, they are freaking delish)!

A mother’s love is never judgmental. It’s kind and forgiving yet bold and endearing. And when you can’t see or hold that love anymore…it’s hard to survive in a world that openly judges and discusses your failures and whispers or ignores your successes.

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6 Tips On Surviving Crowded Music Festivals Without Losing Your Mind

beyonce coachella-1

Thanks to the start of Coachella, ’tis the season for music festivals. Now is the time for you to wear your favorite rompers and moccasin boots and get ready to discover artists you’ve never heard before.

There’s a right way to do music festivals, and a wrong way. Always go right, ladies. Always go right.

Here’s how you survive music festivals:

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FML, I Should Have Never Said I Was Depressed On The Internet

ty alexander mother

Being transparent is always a double-edged sword. Rarely are people (readers) comfortable with what needs to be shared. And one would think that those who offer help would be more comfortable with taboo topics like suicide being openly shared, but they’re not either. After learning that Karyn Washingtonmy friend and popular blogger, committed suicide I got this brilliant idea to open up to my readers, the random Internet perusers, and hell, the entire world. I confessed to battling depression after my mother died within a year of being diagnosed of stage 4 Lymphoma. Watching my mother die and then wanting her to die because of all the pain she was in, put me in a terrible head space.

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