Boss Babe Quotes

We all know those women who are the boss at what they do. They’re fierce and know how to get what they want. They work hard and look fabulous while doing it. These woman are about their business. Yes, these women inspire us, but we can all be that kind of woman.

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man working out in office

So you don’t have time, aye! Chained to your desk 8-10 hours a day? Try these easy and sneaky moves right at your desk, in between meeting’s or on your lunch break. No one will even know.

The goal is to get those muscles moving. You’re guaranteed to have a more productive and healthier workday. Trust me!

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beauty travel items

By the time you read this I will be in Puerto Rico with both feet perfectly positioned in the sand and one hand cuffing a tasty tropical watered down cocktail. It’s ok, please be jealous! I want you to be jealous, but not too jealous where you’re hatin’ on my Instagram photos (please continue like away)! Just know that I’ve worked really hard so I deserve this break. And I’m a huge believer of taking breaks to stop and smell your own roses before they wilt and shrivel up into crunchy pieces of uselessness!

So before I jet off into the sunset, I just wanted to share the best beauty products to travel with!

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how to organize your closet

Spring cleaning is as much about getting your house in order as it is about throwing away unnecessary items. As you clean out your closet, don’t forget to organize what’s left so that its easier to navigate. Of course, the best method for organizing your closet depends on what works for you, but here are five ways to sort your clothes that will make your life easier.

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Over the past year or so I have grown to love working out in the morning. At 5 am be exact! And, for someone who wasn’t fond of working out in the morning, it’s actually been quite enjoyable. The house is peaceful and quiet. No interruptions from the kids or the dog. Just me and Shaun T, creator of T25 and Insanity…just to name a few; sweatin’ it out in the basement. I love that guy!

But keeping up with my exercise routine isn’t the problem.  My eating habits have been some junk. I’ve stopped drinking my meal replacement smoothies every morning and I haven’t been consistent with packing my mid-morning/afternoon snacks as I normally do. I have been feeling a bit lazy and extremely busier than usual.

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