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I am still overwhelmed by the fact that 2014 is officially over. Like, it just got here! It was all good just a week ago. I was just at the beach. I was kee kee-ing on the rooftops of NYC. I was OD’ing on episodes of Orange Is The New Black.

I could go on and on about how I’ll miss 2014. I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out which moments were the best, only to realize that I’m just kinda happy to be here!

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COSIGN is a mobile app that turns your social content into currency. With this technology, the items we post will be ready to buy on the spot. COSIGN shifts the power of influence helping everyday people monetize their everyday actions. It’s as simple as post it and tag it. Your followers can buy any item they want directly from the images you post. Once they buy, you get paid!

You know what that means! We’re all going shopping.

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Can you beauties believe that Christmas is literally around the corner? This gifting tradition can be a bit costly, especially if you have friends, family or anyone worth spending your coins on.

No worries! I am here to grace you with a holiday gift guide for anyone on your list, and get this, it’s all $100 or less! From the sporty and chic, to the vino and cheese hag, to the one person who has everything (and you dare not to offend them by getting them something you “think” they may like)–this list has you covered.

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The Thanksgiving print by Danny Roberts

The Thanksgiving print by Danny Roberts

Oh there’s so much to be THANKFUL for this holiday. I’ve had such an ah-mazing journey this year–filled with ups and downs but I’ve grown so much and learned tons about myself.

I wish you all a very safe and joyous Thanksgiving holiday. Remember the gift of giving is not just for the receiver. Learn to find the joy in helping others!

PS. Don’t eat too much Turkey! Love you beauties.

Orange Cranberry Compote Recipe


Hey beauties. Can you believe Thanksgiving is tomorrow? Whew, this year went pretty fast!

And no thanksgiving meal is complete without cranberry sauce. Or in this case, Orange Cranberry Compote. I’ll admit, growing up we had the canned jelly stuff that just flopped on the plate. And I actually enjoyed it, EWW! I assumed that was the only way to have it. As an adult I still can’t believe we actually served that mess. My aunties will say it was just for convenience, but I’m not sure I believe that. This dish can literally be made in minutes and it tastes so much better.

So that you don’t leave out the forgotten star this Thanksgiving, here’s a quick recipe for you beauties!

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