As I continue my weight loss and fitness journey, I strongly believe that it’s important to display moderation and balance in every aspect of the journey. Especially, when it comes to eating habits. Some people refer to what many call “cheat meals” or “cheat day”.

We’ve seen and heard many say, “I’m dieting… I can’t eat that or they feel as though they’re banned from enjoying any of the foods they used to enjoy. The way I look at it, cheat days, or cheat meals are for people on diets. In my mind, I have chosen a lifestyle change, not a diet. I’m not cheating, I’m making healthy lifestyle changes and displaying balance in what I choose to eat and how often. As I’ve made changes in my diet, I’ve cut back tremendously on breads, starches and sugar. However, I still enjoy these things in moderation.

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Are you a new entrepreneur or starting your own business? Maybe you’ve just graduated from college and just got your first big girl job. Or you might have recently quit your corporate job of ten years and now pursing your passion.

No matter what you’re professional career path may be, being organized is the key ingredient to being successful. Organization leads to consistency, productivity, and just being plain dope at what you do. Before we get into how you can be more successful in your career, lets talk about one mistake that you want to avoid making.

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woman with natural curly hair

Now that we’re almost into February, how many of you are already slipping on your New Year’s resolutions? Don’t beat yourself up if you are. We’re here to give you tips on how to keep track of your goals and stay inspired to complete them throughout your 2015. Make this your best year yet!

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Beautiful Black Couple

Spending the rest of your life with someone is a huge decision that should not be taken lightly. Society has put so much pressure on us that we all believe we’re not complete until we marry, have 2.5 children and find a house on the hills with a white picketed fence. All that is amazing but let’s try falling in love first.

So once you find your best friend and you fall in love, you’ve got a few hard conversations to have before you walk down that aisle. Here’s five things you and your bae need to discuss before getting engaged.

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young black woman

Turning 30 has always been the benchmark for becoming “over-the-hill.” I’m not sure when that actually started, but nowadays, turning 30 is just turning 30. At the same time, you’re an adult, and some of the things you do when you were in your 20s can’t roll over with you to the next decade. Check out the things you need to start and stop doing by the time you turn the big 3-0.

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