Anyone else get really stressed out trying to decorate for the holidays? From the countless bulb and lighting options, to color themes, to what music playlists I should be blasting in our basement, I’m officially overwhelmed with the idea of Christmas. Yet again!

And with less than 25 days to Christmas, my new goal is to find holiday decor that will last me from Christmas to New Years without looking too much like a retail store display. Because, I can go a bit overboard you guys. View Full Post

monogram mug

That moment when you get a gift that you never knew you needed. So perfect it turns you into a tea expert. You go out and purchase a few fancy tea pots and a big box of truvia (even though I don’t think it’s healthy for us). Le sigh!

YEP! That’s what happened when my blogger bae (Kela Walker) gave me this monogrammed mug for Valentine’s Day (yes we give gifts for V-Day). It came with her personalized disclaimer. “Every blogger needs something monogrammed!”


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how to throw the best oscar party ever

The biggest party of the year happens this weekend, and I am filled with excitement. I’m attending my first Oscar viewing party here in New York (sounds fancy right)! I think I might bring out the tutu that I bought last summer, and never wore, for this occasion.

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how to redecorate your house

Lately, I find myself more interested in décor than I’ve been in the past. So many things have begun to catch my eye! I think it all sparked when a couple of friends expressed their desires to freshen up their homes and I was involuntarily drafted in their adventures. I took a few home furnishings classes in undergrad so I dusted off those old skills and got to work.

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Gold Home Decor Pieces To Spruce Up Your Room

I’m taking things in a different direction this week and bringing things to the home front. I was perusing around Target, like I do several times a week, and was inspired by the chic home accessories on display. I love GOLD! It’s so regal and it reminds me of ancient royal Egyptians and how they draped themselves in such luxury. Pair it with my favorite stable color, black, and I’m pretty sold! Your home is the greatest representation of your taste and personality. Make it glamorous!

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