periscope how toOn March 26, Medium launched a little app called Periscope that would allow people to see the world through someone else’s eyes. Periscope is a live streaming app that allows you to share and watch live broadcasts on your phone or tablet. Instead of a video clip posted after the fact, Periscope allows views to go along with broadcasters in real time with live video. Once the lovely folks at Twitter got a hold of it, the app exploded and just about everyone is scoping.

If you want to get in on the fun, but aren’t quite sure where to start, here are some tips on how to get started on Periscope.

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coloful iphone cases

Anyone else buy new phone cases to trick your mind into thinking that you’ve got a new phone. No? Stop lying! It cannot be just me. I’ve been fighting the itch to get that new iPhone 6, but I refuse. Mainly because there really isn’t anything wrong with my iPhone 5S and I feel peer pressured because all my friends are out here “flicka their wrists” with that joint’s bomb camera (although the iPhone 6 front camera is whack!).

So instead of buying a new phone for $300-600, I OD on phone cases. I probably have about 15…(I feel you judging, kinda don’t care!).

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Although I now consider myself a Snapchat pro, when I first downloaded it I was beyond confused. I think I downloaded and deleted it within 10 minutes. So I totes understand your pain, confusion and resistance. But in the past few months, my blogger friends and I have come to really LURVE this video sharing app. It’s the new way to send a message to your friends and to lurk all up and through people’s lives. Creepy, but isn’t that what social media is?!

But why should you enter the world of yet another social media application?

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COSIGN is a mobile app that turns your social content into currency. With this technology, the items we post will be ready to buy on the spot. COSIGN shifts the power of influence helping everyday people monetize their everyday actions. It’s as simple as post it and tag it. Your followers can buy any item they want directly from the images you post. Once they buy, you get paid!

You know what that means! We’re all going shopping.

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We all do it.

We all take selfies. And some of us take them every single day. Our thoughts: “Yasss, bish, I look too cute for someone not to see me. Hol’ up, lemme upload this right quick.”

If you never said this, you’re lying, and I thought we were friends? Just to clarify — and I hate that we have to do this, because some people still get confused — let’s go over what a selfie actually is.

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MiniBarDeliveryIMG_2084So it’s Friday night and you’ve been in the house all day with no intentions on showing your face to the outside world. Not to mention it’s raining outside and that warm air has now turned into a brisk breeze. You get bored and decide to search for new apps on your iPhone because duh…that’s what Friday nights are for–new apps?! But what happens next you could have never imagined.

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