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When I first got laid off from my full time job I panicked. That is, until someone convinced me that freelancing could be a very lucrative business for me. This career path has allowed me to build skills I would have never learned otherwise. I’ve also managed to double the salary that I was making at my full-time job.

So what’s the catch?

The burnout rate is high and rapidly growing. If you don’t have stellar organizational skills and a business strategy (because this is your business), it’s easy to lose control over your budding empire. Contracts will be lost, you’ll damage your reputation and soon you will stop booking jobs altogether.

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Today, just five years after the launch of Snapchat we get reintroduced to the popular app that was once only known for dick pics and private pre-teen conversations. Except this intro came via Instagram. Let me tell you, Instagram kinda bodies Snapchat. And I spent most of my day reading and watching ridiculously funny stories about Instagram’s new update, affectionately titled Instagram Stories: which is merely an imitation of Snapchat.

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How many of you beauties purchase cosmetics from the drugstores? I will be the first to say that I do, and I know that many of you do too. Yeah, I order online and shop at Sephora, Ulta and at the beauty counters but some of my favorite goodies come from the drugstore. As much as I love getting cosmetics from the drugstore, I have to admit it can be a bit of a headache at times.

Unlike places like Ulta, Sephora and beauty counters, when you shop for cosmetics at the drugstore there are no samples or experts to give you direction, you are on your own. Many times, especially if buy foundation, it can take a quite a few annoying purchases to get it right (thank God that places like Walgreen’s allow returns). What seems to be a match in the store can prove to be a total mistake at home. For all of you beauties that feel my pain, I have great news! COVERGIRL has created an app that is designed to take hustle out of shopping for cosmetics. View Full Post

Target and Baublebar Gadget AccessoriesHey beauties, Maui here!

So…just in time for the holiday season, Target has announced its latest collaboration. This collabo will have the retail giant teaming up with Baublebar; a jewelry retailer known for statement necklaces, sparkly earrings, and endless bangles. The collaboration will give birth to a 26 piece collection that is sure to sell out… FAST!

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blab post

So I’ve been cheating on everyone. I just realized that I’m only loyal to you guys here on my blog. Here’s the deal.

Back in 2010, I was totes in love with Twitter, then I dumped Twitter for Facebook. Facebook is still my jam (she’s like my main piece) for finding all my news but then suddenly Instagram stole my heart and I was immediately filled with inspiration. Then Snapchat became a thing and of course I dumped IG for her because Snapchat is new and colorful and fun. Then *gasps* Periscope came along. I never really got a chance to completely fall in love with Periscope because no sooner than I started figuring out my way around the app, Blab came along. She’s my new new! I think I love her!

She’s totally the new kid on the block. So much so that she’s still in her training bra (aka it’s in Beta). Every day they’re tweaking it and every day is a new experience for me.

So what is Blab?

Imagine Blab being the illegitimate child of Google Hangout and Periscope. It has the ability to have a 4 person live stream chat without the horrible looping back and forth that Google Hangouts provides. Plus, you still have an interactive chat room and praise hands/feels (aka you can still beg for hearts) just like Periscope. I swear I love her.

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