Orange Cranberry Compote Recipe


Hey beauties. Can you believe Thanksgiving is tomorrow? Whew, this year went pretty fast!

And no thanksgiving meal is complete without cranberry sauce. Or in this case, Orange Cranberry Compote. I’ll admit, growing up we had the canned jelly stuff that just flopped on the plate. And I actually enjoyed it, EWW! I assumed that was the only way to have it. As an adult I still can’t believe we actually served that mess. My aunties will say it was just for convenience, but I’m not sure I believe that. This dish can literally be made in minutes and it tastes so much better.

So that you don’t leave out the forgotten star this Thanksgiving, here’s a quick recipe for you beauties!

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wine party

The weather is already starting to get cooler — hello, autumn! — and our days outside will soon be limited. That means it’s the perfect time to throw a wine party indoors. Here’s a list of fun wine party ideas that will make you appreciate the vino a little more. And here’s a tip: think outside of the Moscato!

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woman drinking cocktail

When summertime hits, it is officially barbecue season. Who doesn’t love a great cookout with good friends and family, delicious food, and strong yet sweet dranks (no, not drinks, DRANKS)! But when you’ve worked hard to get snatched in time to wear your favorite bikini, you don’t want to ruin it.

Here’s 10 Low-Calorie Cocktail Recipes Perfect For BBQ’s!

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women having cocktails

A good cocktail will lift your spirits. And when you make them yourself, you feel like a bawse. Instead of doing your normal weekend routine of brunching in a restaurant, how ’bout you bring the brunch to your friends and make it yourself. Mimosas and bellinis are old news; it’s time for an upgrade. Summer cocktails are easy to make. An intimate brunch date is more memorable, and you’ll be known as the chick who makes great drinks. What’s better than that? Here are five summer cocktail recipes easy to make for your best girlfriends!

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