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Unless you’re new to my blog (welcome, welcome!) or you’ve been living under some gross rock trying to hide from all the Internet greatness that exists (totally judging you) then you should already know by now that I just wrote a book (insert the deepest longest sigh of life!). Becoming an author has been on my mega life goal list since I was 11. I use to set up shop in my bedroom with my Barbies and Kid Sister and we’d have book readings and signings. I know, I was so extra as a kid.

Because writing a book is literally the hardest thing you will ever do, I had to focus. And the amount of focus that’s needed to write a book, girl! A fellow author of mine suggested detoxing to get my mind clear. So no fried foods, no sweets and an abundance of water! It actually worked and I was able to bang this book out in no time. But now that I am finally finished my book I’m looking to make this summer the best summer ever. For me, that means I want need to indulge in everything. Over eating, over spending, OVER OVER OVER!    View Full Post

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So about NYC’s Wine & Food Festival–it was wildly amazing! I’ve recently decided to relinquish all of my inhibitions when it comes to food. My palette is far less progressive than your average 39-year-old so I’ve been doing everything in my power to change that. The New York Wine & Food Festival seemed like a great place to challenge my taste buds.

Thanks to Buick I was able to experience some of the best food pairings by some of the top chefs. I know you’re wondering what on earth does a car brand have to do with food and or wine (no drinking and driving people!). View Full Post

Drunk DIY

My good good girlfriend, Gavyn (aka The Curvy Cutie) invited me over for some libations and some Pumpkin Decorating–aka #DrunkDIY. Even though I was am mad sick I still trekked it all the way uptown to Harlem for some homemade spiked apple cider and a little drunk DIY.

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cookie you not about that life

For me, watching TV show requires my Twitter family (hey y’all) and a few cocktails. It’s just better TV when you have your favorite digital friends around to talk ish with. And the cocktails are an obvious need want.

But everyone isn’t a bartender and cocktails can go real wrong, really quick. So in the spirit of Tweetwatching, it’s only right that I bless you with some cocktail recipes.

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Am I the only one totally excited for fall? Besides chucking up the deuces to our 100-degree weather summer, it’s finally Football season. That means on Sundays I’ll be positioned comfortably in the middle of our couch watching all the games (partly because of my Fantasy Football habit).

While I love entertaining, on most days it’s just me and BAE chilling on our sectional fighting over the remote. Same goes for Football Sundays, expect this past this week, I teamed up with Seagram’s Escapes to throw a kickoff party…for two! Instead of packing up the car, I emulated the fun of Sundays at the stadium right in our own home.

So how did I do it? Here’s six quick tips to help you plan your game day party.

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ty alexander

This post is sponsored by Pinnacle Vodka.

That moment you look up and realize that you’ve been working three jobs since last year, you’ve had no vacation and you’re all out of ideas for life. That was me just last week. I felt overwhelmed and just beat down. I was totes the burned out blogger!

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