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Hey beauties, Maui here! In honor of breast cancer awareness month I want to share a bit of my truth with you.

My boobs have been my worst enemy since I was 8 years old. While all of my friends were wearing training bras, I was forced to wear a damn 18 hour bra (literally). Imagine what running and playing was like with the other girls while those jugs bobbed up and down. A little girl walking around with a body like a grown woman is a recipe for disaster (that’s another post). Needless to say, I hated my body!

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Hey Fit Fam!

Do you find yourself getting hungry in the afternoons with nothing at your desk to munch on? Which leads you down the hall to that vending machine full of unhealthy goodness. Well, I’m going to need you to back away from that machine nice and slow. That vending machine full of junk may be there when you need them but it’s really not your friend. Stop scarfing down the wrong things while at work just because it’s convenient. That’s my nice way of saying, stop being lazy. OK!

Here are a few healthy snacks you can prep and pack for work and eat while at your desk, guilt-free and easy.

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Hey Fit Fam! We’re so excited to share that our contributor, Fro Fit Moms has collaborated with MimiCuteLips for the first outdoor event of the summer!

Let me ask you a question? Whose been working on getting their body right and tight? Have you been hitting the gym regularly? If you have, kudos to you! If not, well, don’t feel bad if you have yet to get started.  You still have time.

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woman eating breakfast

Hey Fit Fam! Let’s talk about breakfast for a moment. Are you a fan of skipping breakfast because you’re always pressed for time? Always on the go? Ha, or how about the famous “I’m not a morning person…so I don’t normally eat breakfast.”

What I’ve learned, and teach my clients is that breakfast is just as important as brushing your teeth in the am. It is a must! Eating breakfast doesn’t have to be some elaborate meal that requires you to slave over the stove top or take 30 minutes or more to prepare.  However, it does take a little forethought and planning.

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eating healthy

I recently had an interesting conversation with a good friend of mine and she happens to be very healthy conscious. Per usual, the conversation led to us talking about fitness, health and our upbringing. Go figure. She’s also one of my weekday accountability partners. During the week, we text each other before our 5 a.m. workout. The text messages sort of go like this….”GM!:) time to bring it!  Enjoy your workout!” or “Gm here we go!”

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man working out in office

So you don’t have time, aye! Chained to your desk 8-10 hours a day? Try these easy and sneaky moves right at your desk, in between meeting’s or on your lunch break. No one will even know.

The goal is to get those muscles moving. You’re guaranteed to have a more productive and healthier workday. Trust me!

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