Let’s be honest, we face lots of demands from work, family, and the rest of the world. This election season has sent everyone’s blood pressure up the roof as the old folks say. In all the chaos of the day, there’s often little time to consider our own state of well-being. Getting extra sleep, eating nutritionally dense foods, and exercising are all great habits to support health and cultivate long-term stress reduction, but these habits also take time and/or energy to develop, and sometimes busy schedules just don’t allow for that.

To see improvements in your inner health, you don’t need to commit to hours of meditations a day or start exercising seven days a week. These self-care exercises can make a world of difference when it comes to checking in on yourself and relieving stress: View Full Post

American Heart Association You Go Girl IMG_1842

Back in November I traveled to Chicago to help American Heart Association kick off their latest campaign, #YouGoGirl. I met up with five other influencers and we pledged to make our heart health a priority. We even did a video (watch it here).

Before my doctor’s appointment, if someone would have asked me what a well-woman visit was I would have said it’s when the doctor pokes all around your body, tells you to lay off the chocolate milkshakes and possibly adds some unfortunate news that you kinda saw on the scale days before.

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American Heart Association You Go Girl 2

A few weeks ago I traveled to Chicago with American Heart Association to kick off their newest Go Red For Women campaign, #YouGoGirl. I’ve been a long time supporter of American Heart Association. Their Red Dress Collection fashion show is one of my all time favorite events during fashion week. So when I was asked to help kick off this campaign I was thrilled. And then I thought, “Oh snap, I haven’t been to the doctor in forever!” (feel free to judge me!) View Full Post

5 ways to get fit without running

Image Credit: The Feminist Wire

Hey beauties! Jordan here, and today I’m gonna tell you all about how to get that crazy fit body that you’ve dreamed of–without running!

Listen, running isn’t for everyone, and ever since I had issues with my knees (the struggle is real), it’s too stressful on my body for me to go running often. I’ve actually managed to stay in shape without running. I’ve been lucky enough to meet other women and men who are fit, but they didn’t have to go running to maintain their shape. So here’s 5 ways to get fit, but without the stressful motion that running places on your body!

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5 tips for beginning runners

“I’m not a runner.”

“Running is NOT for me.”

“Running is way too hard.”

“I’m too overweight to run.”


The beauty of running is that all ages and fitness levels can get into it. And even I have made every excuse in the book as to why running was not for me. But one day I dared to try something different. I simply could not trust myself to get in a decent workout on my own at the gym without quitting prematurely or even breaking a sweat. And quite frankly, I was bored out of my mind. I had no one to hold me accountable and was pretty disappointed at my results (or lack thereof). I needed something totally different and outside of my comfort zone. I needed a(n) accountability partner(s). Personal training was not an option for me due to my beer budget, so I had to make the most of the resources I had readily available.

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Multitasking Businesswoman

It’s true! Being a mother is the hardest job ever. I thought that I would be less worried now that my son is 20 but that is far from the truth. But it was much harder when he was younger. I remember when my son was in middle school I tried to trust that he’d walk home the two blocks we lived from his school without getting in trouble. Bad decision on my behalf. There were broken teeth, bullies and he even got lost once. And by lost I mean he decided to head to the playground with a group of friends instead of coming home.

Add on all the random sniffles and flus (oh and he played football) and you can imagine the stress I endured. Caring for your children and your family can send you to the crazy house.

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