3 Things I am Thankful For This Season (One Of Them Is You!)

thanksgiving dinner

This holiday season, I am overly “emo” about everything. Every sad movie scene (The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 really did a number on me), or depressing verse in any sappy song (please don’t play All I Want For Christmas in my presence) you can best believe that I am in tears accompanied by a snotty nose and uncontrollable lip quivers.

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13 Moving Hacks That Will Make Packing, Unpacking & Moving Much Easier For You

Young woman wearing fur coat

Moving can be an absolute pain! I’ve moved at least 7 times in the last 10 years and I only hired movers one of those times. Not only is the act of moving your things from one place to another utterly soul shattering, but packing all your belongings and then unpacking them with an attempt to put them exactly where they were could cause a panic attack.

While I AM not moving ANY TIME SOON, I figured since I am a bit of a pro at this I’d share all the moving hacks I’ve learned along the way and a few I Googled that I wish I had of known when I was moving.

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All The Reasons I Could Think Of On Why You Need To Visit Grenada…NOW!

Grenada Trip Gorgeous In Grey IMG_6993

The Internet knows me as DocFabulous (more on that later) and I could possibly be considered a travel junkie. I literally hear the ocean breeze and palms trees calling my name in my sleep! I’ve diagnosed myself as a perpetual summer chaser, and my path to getting my next fix always leads to the JFK airport here in New York. Last month I treated myself (I do this often) to a quick girl trip with my spirit twin, Leslie and we flew to the beautiful island of Grenada, affectionately known as the Spice Island!

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My Chapter 39: Thoughts On My Last Year Of My Thirties

my chapter 39

When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid. ~ Audre Lorde

Last week I gracefully arrived at the last year of my thirties. No breakdowns, I promise! But I did realize that it’s even more important for me to tell you that it gets better. That while I don’t have it all figured it out, I now believe that not having it all figured out is the joy and possibly the secret to what Oprah has coined as “how to live your best life”.

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FIRST LOOK: You MUST See The New Target & Baublebar Collection…It’s A Winner!

Target and Baublebar Gadget AccessoriesHey beauties, Maui here!

So…just in time for the holiday season, Target has announced its latest collaboration. This collabo will have the retail giant teaming up with Baublebar; a jewelry retailer known for statement necklaces, sparkly earrings, and endless bangles. The collaboration will give birth to a 26 piece collection that is sure to sell out… FAST!

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FIT FRIDAYS: 5 Running Tips For Beginning Runners Like You

5 tips for beginning runners

“I’m not a runner.”

“Running is NOT for me.”

“Running is way too hard.”

“I’m too overweight to run.”


The beauty of running is that all ages and fitness levels can get into it. And even I have made every excuse in the book as to why running was not for me. But one day I dared to try something different. I simply could not trust myself to get in a decent workout on my own at the gym without quitting prematurely or even breaking a sweat. And quite frankly, I was bored out of my mind. I had no one to hold me accountable and was pretty disappointed at my results (or lack thereof). I needed something totally different and outside of my comfort zone. I needed a(n) accountability partner(s). Personal training was not an option for me due to my beer budget, so I had to make the most of the resources I had readily available.

I recall witnessing a colleague over a few months course drop at least 3 dress sizes and wondering how I could get in on that “get it tight, get it right” action. Mind you, I was not looking to accomplish skinny, but healthy as being thin doesn’t necessarily equate to healthy. Remember that! She so graciously shared that she had a health scare and began running for her life – literally.

She introduced me to a nationwide running group for women called Black Girls Run that so happened to have a weekly meetups in my area. And the rest is history as the saying goes. It all began as walking, to power walking, to a slow jog, to a fast jog, then to finally full out logging some miles! I am proud to say that although I am still a work-in progress, I am now feeling confident enough to register for 5K’s and will pretty soon be preparing for my first half-marathon – yikes! So that’s my backstory.

Now, for those of you who wish to switch up your workout regimen and incorporate running into the mix, these tips are for you!

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