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Tia Mowry says she is one of those celebrities who will always remember a face. But I was still surprised that she recognized me from our last interview (maybe it’s the grey).

The wildly gorgeous and humble actress is the star of The Cooking Channel series Tia Mowry at Home and Nickelodeon’s Instant Mom. She partnered with Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds Lustre as a Brand Ambassador for the day to share her tips and recipes for planning a glamorous Mother’s Day experience.

I got a chance to chat with Tia and she dished her cooking tips for the busy mom, what secrets she’d tell her mother and how being a mom has changed her.

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monica and queen latifah interview

Sometimes when I am able to stop (my grind is real) and really think about my life, I have to pinch myself. It’s almost unbelievable that just over a year ago I was sitting behind a miserable tiny cubicle at Baltimore City Child Support.

Who would have thought that a year later I’d be bragging about meeting and interviewing Queen Latifah. I think that’s worth the brag right?

Well not only did I interview Queen Latifah, Golden Brooks, Marsha Ambrosius… I also flew all the way to Atlanta to meet and interview Monica.

Check out both interviews below and gasp in my new life with me. (You might wanna quit your job too)

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BET Black Girls Rock At My Black Is Beautiful Red Carpet Coverage

Celebrities have the sweet life! Hair stylist on demand, makeup artist by their sides and a sea of clothes on racks just waiting to be featured for their next red carpet appearance. But what I soon realized was that most celebrities are in fact human beings just like us–go figure huh! They’ve got the same fears, frustrating worries, and pesky regrets just like you and I!

I often think back to my 7th grade school picture. My how cute my picture could have been had I not convinced my mother that I needed to have a perm the year before. So at my last red carpet event, I decided to ask my favorite celebrities what hair advice would they have given to their 14-year-old selves?

Michelle Williams, Tatyana Ali, and more reflect on what they would have done different! Check it out.

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In my head, Tia Mowry and I are old girlfriends that catch up on life happenings every few months. I imagined that I must have been traveling around the world making millions which is the only reason why I missed her wedding and the birth of her, now 2-year-old, son Cree.

*wakes up from dreaming*

In real life, Tia and I met briefly last week. Over brunch we chatted about motherhood, getting ready for flu season (watch the hilarious video she stars in here), and her new role as Stephanie on Instant Mom.

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