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Hey there! Maui here.

If you beauties are anything like me, you live for a good book. Regardless of the genre, a good book will have you locked in for hours (even days) at a time. A book does many things for the reader, of course it entertains but books also; inspire, empower and educate. The right book will take you from broke to boss and everywhere in between, all you have to do is pay attention and adsorb the knowledge.

As a young girl, books helped me escape my reality. As a teen and young adult, books helped me realize that life held greater possibilities than I ever imagined. Now, as a woman, books have educated and empowered me to live to my full potential. Yeah, I can’t deny…I am a true nerd girl.

With so many women on the heels of greatness, I encourage all of you beauties to pick up a book. Allow yourself to be educated and enriched from the prospective of someone who has slayed the giant that you are battling. Many times that additional insight is all we need to go to the next level.

Truth is, even women with the most recognized brands, who are making major boss moves in their industries can benefit from the knowledge that a good book distributes. In the event that you are a little behind on your reading or need some suggestions, I have a few good books to share. These books will surely bring out the girl boss in you and inspire you to take over the world no matter what field you desire to excel in. View Full Post

Target Plus Swimsuit

You guys! I am wearing a bikini (You can purchase it here!). Like, in real life. This is the first time I’ve ever showed this much belly on the beach. Or anywhere, really! But I had to do it.

It feels like it’s been forever since plus-size blogging pioneer, Gabi Gregg coined the term “fatkini,” which ultimately led to empowering chubby girls around the world to dismantle body barriers and call themselves whatever they wanted. Not only did they call themselves what ever they wanted, they also wore whatever they wanted. Crop tops, booty shorts, skinny jeans…if it was trendy and chic, they were wearing it regardless of what anyone thought about their bodies.

I say “they” because I just wasn’t there yet. View Full Post


Getting more sponsored posts is every blogger’s goal but it can be a huge task. Especially if you’re a new blogger and your traffic needs a little work. They (IDK who they is, but I do know that #they don’t want you to win) will tell you that having good numbers is golden and it’s a major key to monetizing your blog. While this is very true, you shouldn’t wait until your numbers are skyrocketing to monetize your blog. High numbers help, but it’s like the difference between driving a luxury car versus an American car or…walking! And at this point, at least you are not walking. So for now, focus on what you do have and be clear on how you can convert that into dollars! View Full Post

Runyon Canyon Gorgeous In Grey IMG_8099

LISTEN! So I had this bright idea to hike up the Runyon Canyon. It’s been on my bucket list for years and since I was in LA for my last trip with Buick (read about my year-long adventures here) I convinced my boyfriend, my fellow blogger from the Buick crew and his daughter to hike up the mountain on our free day. View Full Post