I wore a bikini on vacation… Here’s how I really felt in it!

Target Plus Swimsuit

You guys! I am wearing a bikini. Like, in real life. This is the first time I’ve ever showed this much belly on the beach. Or anywhere, really! But I had to do it.

It feels like it’s been forever since plus-size blogging pioneer, Gabi Gregg coined the term “fatkini,” which ultimately led to empowering chubby girls around the world to dismantle body barriers and call themselves whatever they wanted. Not only did they call themselves what ever they wanted, they also wore whatever they wanted. Crop tops, booty shorts, skinny jeans…if it was trendy and chic, they were wearing it regardless of what anyone thought about their bodies.

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Avoid These 8 Mistakes When Starting Your Blog

feet on desk with computer

Six! Yep, six years blogging. I don’t even know where the time has gone. Plus, I’m like a pre-OG blogger. And to be completely transparent, this is only the second thing in my entire life that I’ve consistently done. Well third if you count motherhood (but who gives up on that, insert duh emoji). Writing is something that I do every single day. Whether it’s a long oversharing Instagram post, or a 500 word rant on Facebook, I am always sharing my thoughts.

The number one question people ask me is, “how did you become so successful?” First off, how y’all know I am successful. That word is relative and depending on the day…but I will say that being successful is a state of mind that is only determined by you.

But when I look back at those six years there are a few mistakes that I made that maybe you don’t have to if I spill the tea! So here’s 8 mistakes you need to avoid when you start blog (or even if you’re blog is old, stop doing these things now!) View Full Post

Get Ready With Me: My Everyday Makeup Routine

youtube gorgeousingrey

What’s goings ons in the lands of Zamundas?!

We’re eight days into 2016 and I feel mad accomplished because I actually filmed, edited and published a Youtube video. In the spirit of transparency I will share that it’s been super hard to get back to work after I being unplugged for nearly three weeks. My body, and my brain, were like…”Wait, so we’re NOT going to lay on the couch in our robe all day?!” I ain’t gonna lie and say that I didn’t give in (multiple times) and chilled mad hard in my robe for the first four days of 2016. But, reality has set in and I just cannot live my life that way, although it’d be real nice. All that’s missing is someone to pay my bills, cook me food and drive me places–where’s my sugar daddy! Ugh…

*wakes up from daydreaming*

I figured I’d be like, ya know, a beauty blogger and all and share some makeup tips with you beauties. Since I’ve mastered my everyday makeup look I decided to share all of my gems with you guys. All of the links to buy the products I used are listed below. Make sure you thumbs up this video, share witcha friends, leave a comment and subscribe (I know I ask for so much huh?).  View Full Post

What I Used To Dye My Hair Blue

how to dye your hair blue

Good morning, what’s goings on in the lands of Zamundas! (aye Snapchat fam)

SO. In my mind, I had quit the blue. I thought it was hindering my chances to be on TV and I thought if I looked… like… regular, it would happened (like I can really be regular). But TV just hasn’t happened yet. And for a millisecond, I thought I was too old for blue hair. Y’all know that didn’t last long. Cause I ain’t too old for anything! But seriously. I am back to dating the blue again and I kinda feel like this is my signature (part 2, because lets face it, the grey is my signature!). View Full Post

5 Facial Moisturizers You Need This Winter To Keep Your Skin “On Fleek”

GorgeousInGrey braving the first snowfall last year!

GorgeousInGrey braving the first snowfall last year!

Hey beauties, Nicole here!

Colder, dryer temps have set in which means we need to take extra good care of our skin to avoid being ashy *gasp*! A great skin care regimen is necessary all year round, but especially in these cold months that we have ahead of us.

Moisture is great for not only our body, but especially our face. It’s the first thing people usually see so it’s important, right? We don’t wanna be flaky, we want to be FLAWLESS!

Keeping your skin hydrated is important in the long run as well. As the saying goes, “black don’t crack!” Here’s why: our skin typically produces oils that keep our skin in an elastic state as we age. But even though we might have the advantage, we cannot skip on moisturizing our face. It’s just like with our hair. If we don’t moisturize our hair it tends to break off and we don’t want that!

Because I love you…here are 5 facial moisturizers you need this winter to keep your skin “on fleek”.  

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HELP! GIG Needs Beauty Writers

beauty writers wanted1I’ve come to realize that I need help. My beauty closet is tipping over from products and it’s time for me to share the goodies with you. If you’re a total beauty fiend (and maybe the illest girl alive) who is stalks beauty brands, makeup artists, can complete full sentences with snark and sarcasm, and low key might beat a mean face…I need you! NOW.

Beauty writers will write about new product launches, beauty news from major brands, celebrity collaborations and more! If it’s new and gorgeous…you’ll know about it and post it on GIG!

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