what to wear to a pool party

Summer is all about being cool and expressing your personality in ways that the fall and winter seasons just won’t allow you! And what better way to sport those hightop sneakers or huge bamboo earrings than during a dope pool party bash?

If you want to look your flyest at the next event, check out my top five looks to wear to a pool party.

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Since last fall, sneaker wedges have been a really hot trend. We’ve seen Beyonce sporting them while toting baby Blue around, Alicia Keys rocking them at the NBA games, and they even come in handy to some of the top street style photographers.

So it’s no surprise that they are making a cameo this summer. Similar to the neon trend, I am also swooning over this one. (Sidebar — I’m currently taking donations for a pair of Marc Jacobs.)

Anywhos, I got this email from a readie last week about the new trend:

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In a perfect world, after the dust of the drama settles, you just might be able to be friends with your ex … right?

Ok so here’s the scenario – Your boyfriend totally loves you and wants to show you off at his ex-girlfriend’s engagement party *gasps*. And let’s hope he has proposed you too. The girl in you can’t help but want to upstage homegirl but that definitely shouldn’t be your motive before heading to grab new items at your favorite retail store. Let’s just say you just wanna look good for your man, ha!

I searched for some fab, luxurious (& by that I mean very expensive) show stopping looks that may prove to be ex-girlfriend friendly – I mean you wanna let her know that you “got this” right.  View Full Post