Banglemania! Why The Arm Party Trend Isn’t Going Anywhere

Charriol, swiss jewelry brand

You guys know that when it comes to my wardrobe I am a bit of a minimalist. Like, I love wearing all black everything, or a basic white tee-shirt and maybe some funky kicks. Here’s why!

I adore jewelry! When I was younger I’d sneak into my mother’s room and play in all of her fancy bracelets and rings. I’d pretend to give my Oscar’s speech in front of the mirror laced in all of my mother’s pearls and diamond necklaces. I’d top my look off with a little perfume for added flare.

It’s just something about mixing golds and silvers and sparkles and dangling things that make my little fashion heart swoon into tiny pieces of joy. Normally I keep my discovery of new and chic jewelry to myself but I figured I would share with you (plus they asked me to tell you).

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Snatched To The Gawds: How You Can Find The Right Undergarments To Create A Flawless Look

How the right undergarment can create aAs curvy girls we all have one goal in mind–to be snatched about the waist! If you haven’t heard the term “snatched” allow me to up your knowledge of the gay language. Snatched is when you are pulled together to capacity; your boobs are at attention, your booty is on fleek (ugh, I really hate that phrase!) and your gut is tucked as if you’ve just left the office of a top Hollywood surgeon. Being snatched is all about creating a look that is damn near flawless (Beyoncé reference #1), it’s about looking as if your clothing was tailored to accommodate every nook and cranny of your curves.

While most of us search high and low for the perfect attire the truth is being snatched is all about identifying and wearing the correct undergarments based on your attire. You heard me right, undergarments! The wrong undergarments will immediately turn that freakum dress (Beyonce reference #2) into an unfortunate wardrobe tragedy that people will constantly remind you of via social media. You might even become a meme *gasps*.

I see it all the time; boobies hanging like you just birthed a litter of puppies, tight dresses and granny panties and other ungodly fashion hiccups that could have been avoided with the right undergarments. Because of this, I have decided to throw my cape on in an attempt to save the day. I want to share a few detailed tips and some of my favorite undergarment brands that will have you feelin’ yourself (Yep, Beyonce again).

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4 Reasons Why I am IN LOVE (Like Seriously) With These #AvaAndViv Denim Jeans From #TargetStyle

Ty Alexander_MAW_7217

I’ve walked past this mural on the way to the Target a thousand times. It’s surrounded by familiar neighborhood finds like the bodega with the best $3 sandwiches ever, the Target (duh I just said that), the infamous Dallas BBQs and the winos shamelessly begging for your spare change (sir, there’s NO such thing). I never stopped until today. I’m thinking finding this mural was the world’s way of reminding me of all the gems we can find in the most unsuspecting places.

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Don’t Ever Be Meek Mill, Ships Are Hard + Other Things We Talked About on #GoldenBrownGirls

Golden Brown Girls

Everyone keeps telling me I should have a Podcast. Guess what, I’m never going to have a Podcast (until someone pays me and edits it for me). It’s just way too much work and honestly you guys…I’m on Snapchat, Periscope…enough is enough I’m not learning another new platform.

BUT…if you are in to Podcasts you should follow my lovebug Danielle Young’s (aka Rhapsodani) Podcast Golden Brown Girls.

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9 Thoughts I Had When I Learned Someone Illustrated Me


Getting illustrated as a blogger is like winning an Oscar except there’s no platform to accept your award and no one inserts music to cut your long ass speech off. So it’s kinda bittersweet when a talented artist does illustrate you because there’s no real hype except on social media.

So I decided to share with you all the hype that happened in my head when I learned that Laura from Cosmic Medium had included me in her #ILLFASHIONTOUR (how cute is that freaking hashtag)!

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