Target Plus Swimsuit

You guys! I am wearing a bikini. Like, in real life. This is the first time I’ve ever showed this much belly on the beach. Or anywhere, really! But I had to do it.

It feels like it’s been forever since plus-size blogging pioneer, Gabi Gregg coined the term “fatkini,” which ultimately led to empowering chubby girls around the world to dismantle body barriers and call themselves whatever they wanted. Not only did they call themselves what ever they wanted, they also wore whatever they wanted. Crop tops, booty shorts, skinny jeans…if it was trendy and chic, they were wearing it regardless of what anyone thought about their bodies.

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Woman on a date

First dates bring a lot of different emotions. Besides hoping your date will actually be a good time, what you wear is kind of right up there on that list of things to worry about. I’m all about leaving a good impression. Even if the date goes down the drain, at least you will still be fierce and fabulous!

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Top 5 Sites to Buy Affordable Beauty Products

From those expensive eyeshadow pallets to the latest trends in hair care, a simple trip to the store is enough to break a beauty addict’s budget. I just dropped $75 at Ricky’s. Dude I bought FOUR things. LAWRD.

Since we are clearly not going to STOP buying makeup we have to find a balance. There’s a few discount beauty websites that offer huge deals on basic and high-end products. These sites let makeup lovers (points at you and me) stock up and try out more of their favorites for way less. Check out five sites to buy affordable beauty products:  View Full Post


Anyone else tired of the “What are you wearing tonight?” questions during the red carpet specials. You can always expect a few awkward questions from the on-air talent who may or may not have done their research on our favorite celebrities and you can definitely count on that annoying overused mani cam to make an appearance (and honestly how many nail beds can we critique). But this red carpet special was far from a snooze fest, thanks to E!. View Full Post

Pop Up Plus Look Book

So, this happened last week. YES girl they got me to put on a tutu and play dress up. You know if I had my way I’d be in sweats and converses all day, every day! But this was fun and a great way for me to get out of my boring “I need all the black clothes in the world” box.

This holiday season, Pop Up Plus introduces their first ever “Magalog” – an extended lookbook and catalog with a magazine feel. CEO of Pop Up Plus, Camille Newman says, “It’s just a little extra gift for our amazing customers this holiday!”
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