Finding my own personal style wasn’t easy, especially during my 9-5. I definitely found my style genes somewhere in between blogging and stalking trends. The first thing I had to learn is that personal style is just that – personal. Before anyone can love it, you have to. So take risks but find your own comfort zone. I like to dabble in color a bit, but I love blacks and grays and it works well for my personal style. But there are a few tips to remember if you want to snag that new promotion or move from intern to executive.  View Full Post

Featured Image-BOWTIE

A man in a well-tailored suit suddenly turns into a drop dead gorgeous creature. But a man in a bow tie, tells me that man has character. That he doesn’t give a hoot about what people think, he knows his style and he knows that style is personal. That perhaps his grandfather spent Sunday afternoons teaching him how to dress and what ladies call “accessorize” (Umm, what do men call it?).

Or maybe he’s just been watching YouTube vids of How to tie a bow tie, LOL! View Full Post

With NYFW just days away I was on the hunt for the perfect pump. No outfit is complete without it, right.

On my journey I discovered two relatively priced brands. As I walked into Bakers, their new exclusive H for Halston brand screamed, “Buy me, buy me now!” as I approached. Since I was accompanied by my boyfriend and we’re on a NYFW budget I could not indulge and spend my bill money, LOL. I am working on being a responsible spender but these high-end brands at recessionista prices are becoming tempting.  Priced between $80 and $170, each shoe is divaliciously equipped with at least a 4 inch heel and screams Carrie Bradshaw all over! There are 2 flat boots and 3 sneakers, but who cares! View Full Post