Woman on a date

First dates bring a lot of different emotions. Besides hoping your date will actually be a good time, what you wear is kind of right up there on that list of things to worry about. I’m all about leaving a good impression. Even if the date goes down the drain, at least you will still be fierce and fabulous!

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How the right undergarment can create aAs curvy girls we all have one goal in mind–to be snatched about the waist! If you haven’t heard the term “snatched” allow me to up your knowledge of the gay language. Snatched is when you are pulled together to capacity; your boobs are at attention, your booty is on fleek (ugh, I really hate that phrase!) and your gut is tucked as if you’ve just left the office of a top Hollywood surgeon. Being snatched is all about creating a look that is damn near flawless (Beyoncé reference #1), it’s about looking as if your clothing was tailored to accommodate every nook and cranny of your curves.

While most of us search high and low for the perfect attire the truth is being snatched is all about identifying and wearing the correct undergarments based on your attire. You heard me right, undergarments! The wrong undergarments will immediately turn that freakum dress (Beyonce reference #2) into an unfortunate wardrobe tragedy that people will constantly remind you of via social media. You might even become a meme *gasps*.

I see it all the time; boobies hanging like you just birthed a litter of puppies, tight dresses and granny panties and other ungodly fashion hiccups that could have been avoided with the right undergarments. Because of this, I have decided to throw my cape on in an attempt to save the day. I want to share a few detailed tips and some of my favorite undergarment brands that will have you feelin’ yourself (Yep, Beyonce again).

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Things To Think About Before You Get


Most women search stores (and their closets) high and low in pursuit of the “perfect” outfit. I am one of those women! But you beauties know that there are other important factors that go into guaranteeing that your look is “fresh to death”.

Beyond selecting the right garments for your body type (which is super important), there are a few steps you must think about before you get dressed.

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what to wear to a pool party

Summer is all about being cool and expressing your personality in ways that the fall and winter seasons just won’t allow you! And what better way to sport those hightop sneakers or huge bamboo earrings than during a dope pool party bash?

If you want to look your flyest at the next event, check out my top five looks to wear to a pool party.

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Cameras spotted Kelly Rowland yesterday in the UK walking the red carpet for her latest project, X-Factor. She greeted fans sporting an uber sexy Versace dress and crazy cute Giuseppe Zanotti black suede wedge booties. 

I don’t know about you guys but, wedges are my friend. They create the ultimate balance and give me a sleek long ankle. But we all know a brand like Giuseppe can put a serious hurtin’ on your wallet. So I took to the internet to see what my options were.  View Full Post