Ty Alexander

There has never been a moment in my life where I wasn’t plus size. In fact, I was plus size before the world introduced us to the term plus size. As a relatively tall teenager (I’ve been 5’8 since I was 9) I grew up ashamed of my curves. Partly because I had to shop at the same places my mother did. I have to give myself credit though. Somehow I figured out how to dress up those mom jeans. I even learned a cute way to tie up my plaid shirts so that it would fit tight around my wide waist—just like my skinnier friends. But I never wanted to show off too much of my body. View Full Post

Plus size model Ashley Graham

Hey beauties, it’s your girl Maui!

I don’t know if you have heard but plus size history was made a few days ago. Yes, Ashley Graham became the first plus size model to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated while Precious Lee became the first African-American plus-size model on the inside pages. This is a huge accomplishment for both of these curvy beauties as well as the plus size community. However, a cloud of negativity followed that which has me really disenchanted about some individuals within the plus size community. View Full Post

nadia a addition elle

I think that it is safe to assume that Addition Elle is serious about catering to the plus size community. Unlike some brands who say that they want to accommodate the curvy girls but then insult us with limited sizes, Addition Elle is going there. They initially made a bold statement with the Ashley Graham’s lingerie and now they have raised the bar yet again with their latest collaboration with international blogger and model; Nadia Aboulhosn.

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9 ways to wear white this summer

As warm weather quickly enters stage right, it’s time to start thinking about our Summer threads. And you guys know that with Summer comes white parties. I use to loathe white parties. Fact is, I still do. But only because I hate people dictating what I should wear.

But there was a time in my life where I wasn’t so confident with the idea of trendy plus size fashion and I believed no plus size woman should be wearing all white. It was the ultimate wardrobe sin in my eyes. I realized that my opinions were solely based off the options (of lack thereof) I was given as a plus size woman. That was just five years ago.

Now insert Fashion to Figure, who is one of my favorite brands because it’s not just online. I can actually go to the store and try on clothes…like a normal woman. I’m all here for a great online find, but nothing is more frustrating when you’ve spent hours dissecting the size chart only for the dress to arrive and be ill-fitting.

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