Totes in love with Kerry Washington & Jamie Foxx in LA Confidential, SO INTO IT!

But am I the only person who gives celebrities imaginary friend roles? For example… both Jamie Foxx and Kerry Washington are really good good friends of mine (in my mind). In my mind Jamie and I are ex’s but still really good friends because well, doesn’t everyone want a funny guy around. Kerry Washington has been my good girlfriend since “Save The Last”. I encouraged her to take that role.

I kid!

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Sessilee Lopez recently channelled her inner Aaliyah for The Block Magazine. You guys know she’s my fav right. After 3 years, she’s still one of the best in the game and firmly holding on to that black supermodel title.

The magazine explains, “In 1994 before Stylists and Sartorialists, a 15-year-old Aaliyah proved that R&B could be both chic and street…” I so remember dressing like this – overalls, big baggy jeans, shades, and super straight hair.

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Remember the days were supermodels covered magazines … sheesh, those are far and few in between when picking up a major publication. Luckily the celebrities are still slaying the editorial game and we kinda don’t notice how models are becoming a lost art.

Katy Perry is a favorite of mine. Usually not for fashion. But in her latest interview and editorial with Vogue Italia she gives up a little of herself, and her style.

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My number one girl crush in the entire whole wide world, Tracee Ellis Ross, is hitting the magazines heavy since her and that Huxtable kid (aka Malcolm Jamal Warner) began producing ‘Reed Between The Lines‘. The show’s first season did well and Tracee is doing a stand up job keeping her name in our mouths!

The former model and fashion writer dished to UPTOWN Magazine on how she used to create wish boards in high school, what she learned from Diana, and how shy she was until she got a pair of contacts and let her hair go natural.

Check out her fun and quirky images inside.

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