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Last week, I had the pleasure of traveling to New York for Full Figured Fashion Week. I arrived in the city on Wednesday and from start to finish each event was great. One of the events that stood out was the Indie Designer Showcase on Friday night.

Although both of the showcases were great, the Indie Designer Showcase stood out more because of the diversity. The designers presented a little bit of everything for this particular showcase; including lingerie, active wear and boots. While I was familiar with some of the designers, there were some that I was not. So I figured I’d share them with you.

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fffweek recap.jpgI mean who really uses an SLR anymore. Well I do (for outfit posts and such), but just not at events. Between being pretty, looking cute and lugging around a bag full of swag (plus my heels) it’s an unwanted accessory in most cases.

So this Full Figured Fashion Week I decided to just be pretty, just look cute, and just lug my heels around. I called on Instagram to be my lens for the week–and so did most of the curvy chicks who attended. Every moment of the fabulous week seemed to be documented on what’s become our phone’s bff!

Check out the week in review according to my Instagram Feed!

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So I’ve been holding on to this freaking amazeballs news for at least the last month. Inside I’ve been bubbling over with excitement and pure OMGness at the thought that people really read my blog… Enough to think I could be The Blogger Of The Year.

I am truly humbled and quite frankly in a super annoying sentimental mood. So much so that it’s oozing onto my keyboard right now. So I will keep it really short.

it's a celebration!

it’s a celebration!

Gwen DeVoe, Creator and Executive Producer of Full Figured Fashion Week®, has selected my little ole (somewhat fabulous) blog to receive the 2013 Full Figured Fashion Week® Fashion Blog of the Year Award. Say word… WORD!

Like in real life I get a reward for doing what I love. Girl.. look at GAWD! So on June 22nd I’ll receive an award at the 2013 Full Figured Fashion Week Retailer/Boutique Runway Showcase and Awards Ceremony. Aren’t those apples kinda delish!

Let me go find something to wear & get my thank you’s together! (kidding.. kinda)

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Fashion-Front-300x250So somehow I forgot to announce that I am one of the 11 bloggers on this year’s Fashion Front for FFFWeek®. After receiving over 100+ applications from across the nation, FFFWeek® choose Gorgeous In Grey (woot woot!).

The Fashion Front serves as the full figured fashion force at the front-lines of Full Figured Fashion Week (FFFWeek®) in New York – bringing the latest news, perspective, and exclusive access to FFFWeek®.

For 2013, The Fashion Front includes an international eclectic mix of the plus size fashion community’s bloggers whose unique voice and position within the community is both recognized and respected. Co-founded by Marie Denee of The Curvy Fashionista, the Fashion Front was created to lead the social media charge for FFFWeek®.

Check out what fun stuff I did last year!

Check out what fun stuff I did last year!

What I am most excited about this go around is the diversity of the group chosen. From France, down under in Australia, up North in Canada, and back to the US we all come with a different voice and perspective that is dominant throughout the our communities.

For a full list of the Fashion Front 2013 click here!

But wait… I’m not finished! In addition to all of that fabulousness I will also be speaking on a social media panel during FFFWeek®.

“BUILDING YOUR BRAND THROUGH SOCIAL MEDIA” A BLOGGING 101 WORKSHOP will explore the purpose of blogging, using social media for your brand, how to leverage the tools to give your brand a voice, how to take your brand to the next level and more. Have you registered for the FFFWeek® Social Media workshop yet? You so should!

I’m hoping that you are as excited as I am! See you there…

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fffweek indie designers

I highly recommend that you at least attend this event next year during FFFWeek. I will go on record and say it was one of my favorite fashion shows EVER! And I’ve been to a many a fashion weeks.

EVERY SINGLE DESIGNER had several pieces that I loved and needed in my closet. Check a video & pics of my favorite looks from the show. 


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For those close to me you guys know how much I truly hate all white. There is nothing about it that makes me feel sexy, happy, or confident. But I sucked in all of my own insecurities and partied with the oh-so-fab curvy divas, and my FFFWeek family.

I ended up wearing a DKNY linen dress which was still too big even after I had my bff’s mother take it in. I think I did a good job at masking how miserable I was. And can you believe 2 other people had the dress on. Le sigh. To top all of that off — of course Auntie Red decided to show up. Lawrd I was so nervous. But once again my roomies, Marie & Elann, got me through it.

Since I failed miserably at recapping this event (I left the cam in the hotel room) I though I would do a link round up from my fav curvy gals. Check it…  View Full Post