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Blogging just might be the hardest thing you’ll ever do. There are tons of blueprints available at your disposable but it’s really easy to get confused and just say forget this crap. Being a blogger means late nights and early mornings, but if you work hard it also means free clothes and trips around the world. Here’s six things I’ve learned in the past six years about successful blogging. And I promise you, if you are not doing these things…your blog probably sucks! View Full Post


Getting more sponsored posts is every blogger’s goal but it can be a huge task. Especially if you’re a new blogger and your traffic needs a little work. They (IDK who they is, but I do know that #they don’t want you to win) will tell you that having good numbers is golden and it’s a major key to monetizing your blog. While this is very true, you shouldn’t wait until your numbers are skyrocketing to monetize your blog. High numbers help, but it’s like the difference between driving a luxury car versus an American car or…walking! And at this point, at least you are not walking. So for now, focus on what you do have and be clear on how you can convert that into dollars! View Full Post

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Six! Yep, six years blogging. I don’t even know where the time has gone. Plus, I’m like a pre-OG blogger. And to be completely transparent, this is only the second thing in my entire life that I’ve consistently done. Well third if you count motherhood (but who gives up on that, insert duh emoji). Writing is something that I do every single day. Whether it’s a long oversharing Instagram post, or a 500 word rant on Facebook, I am always sharing my thoughts.

The number one question people ask me is, “how did you become so successful?” First off, how y’all know I am successful. That word is relative and depending on the day…but I will say that being successful is a state of mind that is only determined by you.

But when I look back at those six years there are a few mistakes that I made that maybe you don’t have to if I spill the tea! So here’s 8 mistakes you need to avoid when you start blog (or even if you’re blog is old, stop doing these things now!) View Full Post


In my quest to find new dope bloggers I was reminded of how much I love to read. I love how people tell stories. We say that the Internet is saturated with the same content when in reality it’s that everyone is being lazy with their words. Everyone is aggregating content just to be the first person online to post it. The Internet would be much more pleasing if we all wrote with our honest minds instead of copying someone else’s. But I digress.

As I was looking for new bloggers, this week I focused on the layout of the blog (it’s a pet peeve of mine) and a unique perspective in the blogosphere.

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6 NEW blogs to read

Even before I started blogging I’ve been that girl who could spend HOURS perusing the Innanets in search of a good read. I get lost in my thoughts and let them control my search bar and I look up it’s 2am and my To Do list is still unchecked. The joys of Google right!

Now that the Innanet is oversaturated with blogs that all seem to talk about the same damn thing (ebook coming soon), readers find it hard to find the good good section of the world wide web.

And since I’m your best digital girlfriend I decided to help you out a bit and give you some suggestions for your next reading session.

Here’s six newbie bloggers I’m obsessed with!

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