Can You Over-Exfoliate Your Skin?

Hello lovelies! Jordan here, bringing you more skin tips! So let’s talk about exfoliation. Everyone’s tool for making sure that the dead layer of skin is gone and that your face remains as smooth and soft as a baby’s bum. Like most things, exfoliation is good in moderation. Is there such a thing as over-exfoliation? Well if you’ve been using a sugar scrub or one of the coffee scrubs across your body every night, chances are you’re probably over-exfoliating. It’s really not a good thing, so I’m going to tell you how to notice if you’ve been over-exfoliating and how to fix it once you realize it.  View Full Post

woman removing makeup

We all rave endlessly about those incredibly convenient makeup remover wipes. I’m also known to carry a pack or two of them in my bag for quick makeup removal or to freshen up my face when needed (i.e., humid day, post-workout).

But while makeup remover wipes seem to serve their purpose for those special on-the-go or time crunch situations, I have always wondered exactly how clean my skin was getting in using them. And I’m sure you’ve wandered the same thing, but the truth is, I’m not totally convinced that they remove all of the makeup and still wish to cleanse my face more thoroughly following use. Sort of reminds me of the folks that get the sudden urge to wash their hands with real water, even after using hand sanitizer. View Full Post

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Mother Nature and I have a weird relationship. I’m a girl who LOVES seasons. Like, my spirit depends on it. I get all rude and cranky when I am either too cold or too hot or I’ve been too cold or too hot for too long! I’m an East Coaster true and through. I love the spring breeze that brings the cherry blossoms just as much as I love the hot summer nights us New Yorkers spend rooftopin’ our summers away with. 

But as I get older the air that Mother Nature provides is killing me softly. We can all blame technology for our lack of clean air. But because the Internet and public transportation are now must-haves we shall overcome. Honestly, New York might be the dirtiest place on Earth (I still stan for her though)! With winter happening like tomorrow, the weather will get colder and the air will get drier. The combination of that air, your thermostat turned to “on fleek” and your windows locked and sealed to hide from the hawk outside, it could be affecting your beauty routine. You might want to consider purchasing a humidifier (I’ve got mine).

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GorgeousInGrey braving the first snowfall last year!

GorgeousInGrey braving the first snowfall last year!

Hey beauties, Nicole here!

Colder, dryer temps have set in which means we need to take extra good care of our skin to avoid being ashy *gasp*! A great skin care regimen is necessary all year round, but especially in these cold months that we have ahead of us.

Moisture is great for not only our body, but especially our face. It’s the first thing people usually see so it’s important, right? We don’t wanna be flaky, we want to be FLAWLESS!

Keeping your skin hydrated is important in the long run as well. As the saying goes, “black don’t crack!” Here’s why: our skin typically produces oils that keep our skin in an elastic state as we age. But even though we might have the advantage, we cannot skip on moisturizing our face. It’s just like with our hair. If we don’t moisturize our hair it tends to break off and we don’t want that!

Because I love you…here are 5 facial moisturizers you need this winter to keep your skin “on fleek”.  

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My view in St. Croix

Blue Water + St. Croix = Cure for SAD!

As soon as the last leaf falls you can cue in everyone’s seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Yes it’s a real thing, Google it. But for time’s sake it’s just like it sounds, people are depressed because it’s cold outside. In New York it’s such a struggle because it feels like the fun has been snatched right from under us. There are no more rooftop parties, the street festivals have disappeared and we suddenly remember we are living on an island surrounding by the chill of the Hudson River!

To combat the winter vibe, here are some tips to stay motivated and bring some sunshine to your world.

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Hey beauties, it’s Jordan!

Any one else have a hard time putting on full face? It’s especially hard for me when I’m at school and don’t have a need or want to put on foundation, contour, highlight, etc. One way to get out of that regimen is by improving the look of a makeup-free face on a daily basis.

Lucky for you, I’m going to show you five things that you can do to improve your skin!
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