woman applying mascara

I’ve realized that no matter how hard I try, false lashes and I are not friends. I spend hours in front of my mirror trying to apply them only to end up looking like the original Spider Woman. And then what’s even worst is that they end up falling off midday. Not only do they fall off, but this usually happens at the most inconvenient time. Like when I’m in a very important client meeting and just as I give a soft blink as a sign of my approval, poof they’re gone.

Well I’m determined not to be made a fool of anymore. So here’s some much-needed advice on what we’re doing wrong (notice how I said we!).

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Me & my besties!

Me & my besties!

I also think back to that time I was a bridesmaid in my cousin’s wedding. I learned a lot about friendships, love and that looking pretty on your special day pretty much trumps everything. If you and your bridal party look amazing all the mishaps, wedding woes, and WTF’s seem to fade away into the abyss of never minds.

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Top 5 Sites to Buy Affordable Beauty Products

From those expensive eyeshadow pallets to the latest trends in hair care, a simple trip to the store is enough to break a beauty addict’s budget. I just dropped $75 at Ricky’s. Dude I bought FOUR things. LAWRD.

Since we are clearly not going to STOP buying makeup we have to find a balance. There’s a few discount beauty websites that offer huge deals on basic and high-end products. These sites let makeup lovers (points at you and me) stock up and try out more of their favorites for way less. Check out five sites to buy affordable beauty products:  View Full Post

lipstick dupes kylie lip kit

Listen, I love lipstick from the inner creases of my soul but Kylie Jenner is tripping. From first sight I knew her colors looked really familiar.

Wait. I won’t place all the blame on Kylie because in reality the color wheel ain’t that round so dupes will happen. There’s just not that many colors.

But since her Lip Kit sold out in minutes (damn Kardashians) here’s five dupes that you can rock and still be as fly (maybe fly-er than) as Kylie. Or you can dish out the $10K that you probably don’t have on an eBay purchase. Chile please!  View Full Post

beauty trends to stop in 2016

New year, new beauty tips and tricks. Going back and pulling makeup and beauty trends from the past year is never bad, but sometimes it’s time to just let things die. There was contouring, glitter beards, the super red lip, the wavy bob haircut, strobing, rainbow hair, and so many more, but some of them, at least to me, have come to their natural end in life.

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[Photo Credit: Temptalia]

Here’s what you should know. I am a beauty junkie, first and foremost. More specifically, I love makeup. And if I am being ONE HUNNIT, I cannot (more like will not) stop buying lipsticks. It’s a really good chance that I have all of these colors from another brand but yet when something is new I need to try it and I’d prefer to be the first.

In this instance, MAC Cosmetics has no idea that my blog exists so they don’t send me stuff. I know “cry me a river” right! Anyways at $20 a pop, I only decided to try one of the new Retro Matte Lipsticks from MAC. Because…$20 G!  View Full Post