Makeup for women of color

Hey beauties, it’s your girl Maui!

I know that most of my pretty brown thangs can relate to the struggle of finding the right color makeup. You would think that it’s 1916 instead of 2016 the way these cosmetics companies exclude women of color in their marketing (don’t get me started on that). This lack of diversity is the reason that nearly every one of us has some sort of makeup in our possession that we have absolutely no use for. Purchasing online is easy, but if you’re trying to cop that new new, just know that you’re playing Russian roulette; you might get away and you might get shot down.

In my case, I buy A LOT of lipstick and my issue is that things seem so promising online, or in the magazine, but when she (yeah, I said she… don’t you name your lippies) arrives, ole girl is all the way wrong. Most times, I end up blending colors or just giving them to a friend (let me not lie, I blend… who gives away lipstick).

Since there is no telling when these brands will get the picture and start including more women of color, a little #BlackGirlMagic had to be sprinkled on the situation. And in true strong black woman fashion, Ofunne Amaka saw a void and filled it by creating  Cocoa Swatches. View Full Post


We’ve all been told at some point in our lives that we should keep oil far away from our skin–whether it had been a beauty counter rep telling you, your doctor or your mama! It didn’t matter if it was oil splattering up from fried chicken pan, the natural oils we find in our skin, or organic oils. To us women, all kinds were synonymous with “no bueno.” Because oil = breakouts, right?

Not necessarily. View Full Post