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Hi guys, Jordan here! Ah Spring…the moment when everyone finally has time to embrace the wanderlust that has been taking over their Instagram and Pinterest feed. You may be wondering what makeup brands have to do with wanderlust so let me enlighten you.

If you travel, you’re incredibly likely to see the major companies who have taken over the market for makeup in recent years. I just got back from Madrid and I found the typical stores…Sephora, M.A.C., etc. Along with those stores, I also came across some other smaller companies who have blown me away. With travel comes enlightenment about smaller brands, so today, I’m here to tell you about the top 5 international makeup brands that you may not know about!
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Cast Beauty

How many of you beauties have gone on vacation and had a bad hair moment due to the weather? Girl, I went on a cruise and had to get my Cleo on (cue Queen Latifah in “Set It Off”) because the humidity shrunk my fro to the size of a peanut. I know that many women can relate to this because our hair and skin definitely respond to different weather in different ways. Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a way to know how the weather would be and what products would work best for your hair and skin while on vacation?

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Urban Beauty Network

Hey beauties, you know I love sharing that new new with you and today I have something that I find quit interesting. For all of my brown beauties I know that you can relate when I say that there is a lack of beauty resources for us. I also know that you can relate to the headache of finding a new stylist or a stylist to hook you up while you’re traveling. I’m also almost sure we all have at least one story of a referral gone wrong, be it hair, makeup or some other beauty service. View Full Post


Hey beauties, Tarah here!

If you’re into saving the planet…or if you’re just an obsessed makeup junkie, Velvet 59 is for you. The vegan and cruelty free cosmetic line recently launched in 10 Ricky’s NYC stores! They currently hold the entire line-up of Velvet 59 products, such as Matte to the Max liquid lipsticks, full lipstick and lipgloss collection, Contour is a Girl’s Best Friend Palette, The Exotic Lotus Palette, the full lipstick and lipgloss collection, and the Velvet 59 My Fair Lashes Mascara.

Velvet 59 is the makeup line of 23-year-old, Paris Manning who aims to tie in today’s beauty with vintage glamour. This is primarily illustrated through her catchy product names to the images and fonts she uses on the boxes, containers and labels.

Manning’s all for serving Marilyn Monroe realness.

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