6 Ways To Naturally Treat Hair Loss

woman brushing hair

Hair loss is one of the most common problem everyone faces. It usually starts off as something small due to stress, heredity and various other factors. There’s lots of hair loss treatments available in the market, but they are often expensive, or don’t give the desired results.

But, if you are patient and persistent enough, there are many DIY remedies, that not only help reduce the hair loss, but also prevent them. This post gives you a few such remedies which can to your rescue to fight hair loss and help you kick away your hair problems. View Full Post

FIRST LOOK: TopShop Spring & Beauty 2016

topshop holiday beauty 2015

Hey beauties, Ariel here!

TopShop gave us a sneak peek of their new Holiday Beauty collection and it’s everything you want in your stocking this season! Everything is packaged so perfectly you almost want to buy it just to decorate your tree with glittery bottles of nail polish.

There are six kits/packages in the holiday collection itself and they cover everything including nails, face and lip. The mini nail polishes are adorable but they also have some great coverage. The holiday trios bring together pastels, mattes, glitter, and deep metallic in one small punch. There’s something for each of your holiday sides, from family dinners to nights out under the mistletoe.

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3 Natural Makeup Removers You Can Find In Your Kitchen

woman removing makeup

We all rave endlessly about those incredibly convenient makeup remover wipes. I’m also known to carry a pack or two of them in my bag for quick makeup removal or to freshen up my face when needed (i.e., humid day, post-workout).

But while makeup remover wipes seem to serve their purpose for those special on-the-go or time crunch situations, I have always wondered exactly how clean my skin was getting in using them. And I’m sure you’ve wandered the same thing, but the truth is, I’m not totally convinced that they remove all of the makeup and still wish to cleanse my face more thoroughly following use. Sort of reminds me of the folks that get the sudden urge to wash their hands with real water, even after using hand sanitizer. View Full Post

10 Things That Won’t Let Your Edges Live That Good Life

hair straightening

Hey Beauties, Nicole here!

The dryness and brutality of winter will suck the life out of your hair out. But you may be further assisting the damage when you think your protecting it via protective styling. Your first instinct maybe to find a protective style like braids or a sew-in which isn’t a bad option but in this weather, we need to take special care of our hair, and edges, or come summer we may not have any and who want’s that.

Unlike that ex-boyfriend that keeps coming back like a bad habit, once your edges are gone, they are gone for good.

Here’s 10 things that will stop your edges from living that good life:

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The Ultimate Guide To The Best Cyber Monday Beauty Deals

Cyber Monday Beauty DealsHey beauties, Maui here!

I know that most of you have already started shopping for the holiday season, I sure have! Like many of you my main goal is to find a deal that I can’t deny, which is why I live for guaranteed deal days. Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday are all days that you are guaranteed to get the best deals of the year with the exception of after holiday sales.

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