Get Ready With Me: My Everyday Makeup Routine

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What’s goings ons in the lands of Zamundas?!

We’re eight days into 2016 and I feel mad accomplished because I actually filmed, edited and published a Youtube video. In the spirit of transparency I will share that it’s been super hard to get back to work after I being unplugged for nearly three weeks. My body, and my brain, were like…”Wait, so we’re NOT going to lay on the couch in our robe all day?!” I ain’t gonna lie and say that I didn’t give in (multiple times) and chilled mad hard in my robe for the first four days of 2016. But, reality has set in and I just cannot live my life that way, although it’d be real nice. All that’s missing is someone to pay my bills, cook me food and drive me places–where’s my sugar daddy! Ugh…

*wakes up from daydreaming*

I figured I’d be like, ya know, a beauty blogger and all and share some makeup tips with you beauties. Since I’ve mastered my everyday makeup look I decided to share all of my gems with you guys. All of the links to buy the products I used are listed below. Make sure you thumbs up this video, share witcha friends, leave a comment and subscribe (I know I ask for so much huh?).  View Full Post

What I Used To Dye My Hair Blue

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Good morning, what’s goings on in the lands of Zamundas! (aye Snapchat fam)

SO. In my mind, I had quit the blue. I thought it was hindering my chances to be on TV and I thought if I looked… like… regular, it would happened (like I can really be regular). But TV just hasn’t happened yet. And for a millisecond, I thought I was too old for blue hair. Y’all know that didn’t last long. Cause I ain’t too old for anything! But seriously. I am back to dating the blue again and I kinda feel like this is my signature (part 2, because lets face it, the grey is my signature!). View Full Post

28 Last Minute Beauty Gifts To Help Your BFF Channel Her Inner Soft & Pink


My bff is the exact opposite of me. I just got her to fall in love with manicures after 38 years of living. This Christmas I plan to swoon her with loads of beauty gifts. You know, make her fall in love with being a girl. Sometimes we all forget that deep down inside we’re built to be soft and pink. I’ve scoured the Internet to find the perfect goodies for yours and mines. I’m pretty sure these are within our budget.

Check out a fews gifts that you can get your beauty junkie friend or that girl who may need a little help! If you order to today, with express shipment, it can still make it to her in time for Christmas.  View Full Post

4 Tips On How You Can Rock Black Lipstick…After Halloween

4 Ways to Wear Black Lipstick After Halloween

Hello lovelies, Jordan here! You’re probably wondering, “Black lipstick? Really? It’s well past black lipstick’s time.” Well to me, it’s not. I love wearing my black lipstick, especially since it gives such a stark contrast to the everyday reds and pinks that are a part of every woman’s beauty routine. Black lipstick is normally associated with Halloween or the pre-Halloween occasion, but for anyone who’s like me and loves to wear their black lipstick after that time, I’ve got four fresh ways for you to wear black lipstick with pride.
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[WATCH ME] Naughty Or Nice Holiday Makeup Tutorial With Lancome

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Since the holidays are like…here, I decided to team up with my boo, Chante from Everything Curvy & Chic and do a Naughty vs Nice holiday makeup tutorial. I’ve known Chante for years now and we have so much in common–including our love for makeup! We were both gifted the new Lancôme Audacity in Paris palette so we decided that this would be a perfect time to create some holiday looks for you.

Check out the video inside.

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Found It: The Perfect 15-Minute Holiday Hairstyles

holiday hairstyles in 15 minutes

Now that the Thanksgiving feasts have come to an end, the holiday party season is upon us! One of our favorite stylists and grooming experts, Jenny Balding from NYC’s Cutler/Redken Salon, shares three 15-minute festive do’s for your holiday soirees that can easily be created on the go, even in the office powder room! View Full Post