Remember when we were kids and Halloween costumes were so easy (AND they always fit). Well! Now I’m almost 40 (AYE #ScorpioSeason is upon us) and my patience and waist size don’t match the inner kid that lives inside of me. She wants to participate so badly but life is just happening at record speed and Halloween costume shopping is not on the agenda this year (or any year really). Since Halloween is like…tomorrow, IT Cosmetics is helping us create the perfect Halloween costume that only requires one thing–MAKEUP! View Full Post

halloween makeup tutorial


Each Halloween I say I am going to record halloween makeup tutorials. Well Halloween is creeping on our tails and I have yet to record a single video. I give up. I’m busy AF (I mean I did write a book did you get it yet) and more importantly I am lazy. But I have two pieces of good news. I bought a bunch of lights and some backdrops sooooooooooo I will doing a video real soon. Just not in time for Halloween. I am realistic.

The second piece of good news is this post. To compensate for my lazyness I’ve rounded up a few of my fave (more diligent) YouTubers to highlight their easy halloween makeup tutorials. Check it out!

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Let’s be clear. M∙A∙C still makes some of the most beautiful pigmented products for us brown girls. It’s one of the few products we can use that won’t take a thousand strokes for it to become visible. For many of us, they are still our go-to! We can almost credit them for being a pioneer in trendy pigmented choices for brown girls. Their latest, M∙A∙C Fashion Pack, speaks to that fact with a collection of bold bright hues perfect for this summer.  View Full Post

becca x jaclyn hill

I know you’ve heard of Champagne Pop. I mean, who hasn’t right?

Everyone’s been obsessed with the coveted highlight (including myself) primarily because of the way any skin shade can glimmer and shine with the product. Who could’ve known that Jaclyn Hill could top that?

Well, obviously BECCA, seeing how there’s a newly launched follow-up collaboration, the Champagne Glow Collection just ready to equip you in your flourishing! View Full Post

gold label cosmetics matte lip pens

I need them all!

You guys already know that I am moderately obsessed with matte lipsticks. And moderate is a real understatement. Matte lipsticks scream sexy and grown and kickass and more importantly, if you pick the right shade and brand you ain’t NEVA gotta update that lip! #Goals.

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