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Hey Beauties, Nicole here!

The dryness and brutality of winter will suck the life out of your hair out. But you may be further assisting the damage when you think your protecting it via protective styling. Your first instinct maybe to find a protective style like braids or a sew-in which isn’t a bad option but in this weather, we need to take special care of our hair, and edges, or come summer we may not have any and who want’s that.

Unlike that ex-boyfriend that keeps coming back like a bad habit, once your edges are gone, they are gone for good.

Here’s 10 things that will stop your edges from living that good life:

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Whether you’re fully natural, transitioning or have chemically altered the state of your hair, (dying, relaxer or texturizer) it’s important to be conscious of how much heat you are using on your hair.

Too much can be dangerous for your hair!

Maybe you’ve been rockin’ that curly hairstyle for a while now. Shrinkage is killin’ your style, so you want to give your hair some length. Or maybe you just want to switch up from your normal routine? So, what do you do you?

Dig out that blow dryer, flat-iron and/or pressing comb, out of your bathroom drawer or under the sink, right?! But wait, STOP! You don’t want to end up having to cut all that hard work you put into growing your hair due to heat damage. Although it may look lovely when you shake your beautiful, straight n’ lovely hair, excessive straightening or curling, equals damage.

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ty alexander gorgeous in grey1
On most days having grey hair at a young age (I’ll be 39 in November) can be annoying! Every day I walk  my door and enter the world outside people stare at my hair. Although I am kinda use to it, it can be really aggravating to catch folks in their moment of gaze. Some people totally deny it and look away the minute I give them a smile. Others begin to grill me with crazy borderline stupid questions that they honestly believe no one has ever asked me before?! (insert really confused face)

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Hype Hair October Issue

That moment when you are flipping the pages of your favorite magazine and your face is on page 128! Like, wow. This seems to be an ongoing trend for me and I am absolutely here for it.

I remember reading Hype Hair magazine in the salon while I waited hours to final sit in the stylist’s chair. It was like my consolation prize for waiting my life away. Today you can still find the veteran hair publication in your neighborhood salons.

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misconceptions about my hair-5

#TBT of when I first cut my hair off.

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I’ve always been a girl who wanted needed to be in the “in crowd”. You know that girl with the freshest sneakers, the flyest clothes AND the dopest hair (I mean, my hair is pretty dope though!). We can blame my mother for that. She always dressed me up like we had a winter gala to attend even though we were just going to the market.

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