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New year, new beauty tips and tricks. Going back and pulling makeup and beauty trends from the past year is never bad, but sometimes it’s time to just let things die. There was contouring, glitter beards, the super red lip, the wavy bob haircut, strobing, rainbow hair, and so many more, but some of them, at least to me, have come to their natural end in life. View Full Post

Can You Over-Exfoliate Your Skin?

Hello lovelies! Jordan here, bringing you more skin tips! So let’s talk about exfoliation. Everyone’s tool for making sure that the dead layer of skin is gone and that your face remains as smooth and soft as a baby’s bum. Like most things, exfoliation is good in moderation. Is there such a thing as over-exfoliation? Well if you’ve been using a sugar scrub or one of the coffee scrubs across your body every night, chances are you’re probably over-exfoliating. It’s really not a good thing, so I’m going to tell you how to notice if you’ve been over-exfoliating and how to fix it once you realize it.  View Full Post

when to ditch or replace your makeup

I totally get it – we don’t want to part with our good, expensive makeup that we’ve never quite finished off. Our hearts die a little bit inside having to toss a Chanel eye palette or a never-restocked lip color that you so happen to LOVE. However, it is so important to know when to ditch old products for the sake of our health and replace with fresh ones…and I am not being dramatic at all.

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3 ways to stop buying the same makeup
Hey beauties! Valerie here.

So…Houston, we have a problem! I am almost embarrassed to admit this, but I am sure I’m not alone (please back me up on this fellow makeup junkies)!

I have way too many makeup products with the same exact color. I’ll use my lipsticks as an example. In the burgundy/wine family alone, I have 9. Now, I know all the brands are different, but you guys, this is essentially the exact same color hitting my lips. I am wayyyy too embarrassed to show the pink lipsticks and nail polishes.

I go into the cosmetics aisles thinking that I don’t have a particular color or maybe even being a little more drawn to certain colors that I don’t even realize that I have 9 others just like it at home – all in heavy rotation too! And in my head, I swear I’m picking out something new. There has to be a name for this disease.

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Believe it or not, packing for a weekend getaway can be even more complex than packing for an extended vacation. You may be tempted to bring everything you own for a four day stay at a resort but you’ll be surprised at how a few beauty items will carry you through the weekend.

Don’t go to your next resort under or overpacked. Check out these six beauty items you’ll need to bring, and the one you should leave at home, to survive a weekend at a resort

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