My bff is the exact opposite of me. I just got her to fall in love with manicures after 38 years of living. This Christmas I plan to swoon her with loads of beauty gifts. You know, make her fall in love with being a girl. Sometimes we all forget that deep down inside we’re built to be soft and pink. I’ve scoured the Internet to find the perfect goodies for yours and mines. I’m pretty sure these are within our budget.

Check out a fews gifts that you can get your beauty junkie friend or that girl who may need a little help! If you order to today, with express shipment, it can still make it to her in time for Christmas.  View Full Post


I’ve been traveling for what seems like non-stop since this summer. I visited Belize, then Vegas for the Soul Train Awards, then Costa Rica for a much-needed solo retreat and now I am back in New York trying to catch up on life! While I’ve had a freaking blast seeing the world it was actually my hair that has paid the price of my amazing time. I don’t know how we got here, maybe it’s the airplane air, but it’s been super hard to keep the moisture in my hair. And please let’s not talk about the lack of shine it possesses.  View Full Post

Redbook Red Box IMG_0001

From pet treats, to stay-all-day mascara, to bacon every month boxes (yes this is a real thing, Google it) there’s absolutely no shortage of subscription boxes out there. So I take my job really seriously when I review these boxes and spread the word on which ones are worth your hard earned coins.

Redbook Magazine‘s signature Red Beauty Box is here and it’s filled with the hottest beauty brands that need a home in your product closet. And of course I am here to give you the scoop. So what’s inside the box? View Full Post


Remember when we were kids and Halloween costumes were so easy (AND they always fit). Well! Now I’m almost 40 (AYE #ScorpioSeason is upon us) and my patience and waist size don’t match the inner kid that lives inside of me. She wants to participate so badly but life is just happening at record speed and Halloween costume shopping is not on the agenda this year (or any year really). Since Halloween is like…tomorrow, IT Cosmetics is helping us create the perfect Halloween costume that only requires one thing–MAKEUP! View Full Post

halloween makeup tutorial


Each Halloween I say I am going to record halloween makeup tutorials. Well Halloween is creeping on our tails and I have yet to record a single video. I give up. I’m busy AF (I mean I did write a book did you get it yet) and more importantly I am lazy. But I have two pieces of good news. I bought a bunch of lights and some backdrops sooooooooooo I will doing a video real soon. Just not in time for Halloween. I am realistic.

The second piece of good news is this post. To compensate for my lazyness I’ve rounded up a few of my fave (more diligent) YouTubers to highlight their easy halloween makeup tutorials. Check it out!

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My beauty routine has certainly changed throughout the years. In my twenties, I barely used any beauty products at all. I was the most basic beauty girl you would have known. MAC lipglass was my only staple and I loved lining my lips with brown liner (this was my pre-blending stage). In my thirties, I tried absolutely everything anyone sent me. Joys/perks of being a beauty blogger. It didn’t matter what it was, if it promised to do something I wanted to try out (oh, check out my Buy or Nah series). Now as I head into my forties (holy lipstick how did I get here so fast!) I am really particular with what I put on my face and body. Even though I will be the guinea pig for you guys, you just can’t trust all of them! That’s why I’ve partnered with Dove to share with you one product I’m constantly And when I comes to what products I'm buying over and over again. Because …umm yea, I am selective with my coin spending! View Full Post