The Ultimate Guide To The Best Cyber Monday Beauty Deals

Cyber Monday Beauty DealsHey beauties, Maui here!

I know that most of you have already started shopping for the holiday season, I sure have! Like many of you my main goal is to find a deal that I can’t deny, which is why I live for guaranteed deal days. Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday are all days that you are guaranteed to get the best deals of the year with the exception of after holiday sales.

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FIRST IMPRESSIONS: My 1st Thoughts On Cover FX’s Custom Infusion Drops [VIDEO]


You beauties know that one of my favorite beauty brands is CoverFX. Besides the fact that they have an absurd number of foundations for women of color, they are a brand who really knows the issues women have when it comes to coverage.

Now, Cover FX is barking on a territory that I think they should have been conquered long ago–SKIN CARE.

Insert Custom Infusion Drops.

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3 Reasons Why Owning A Humidifier Is Important To Your Beauty Regimen

Dyson Humidifier Gorgeous In Grey IMG_0061
Mother Nature and I have a weird relationship. I’m a girl who LOVES seasons. Like, my spirit depends on it. I get all rude and cranky when I am either too cold or too hot or I’ve been too cold or too hot for too long! I’m an East Coaster true and through. I love the spring breeze that brings the cherry blossoms just as much as I love the hot summer nights us New Yorkers spend rooftopin’ our summers away with. 

But as I get older the air that Mother Nature provides is killing me softly. We can all blame technology for our lack of clean air. But because the Internet and public transportation are now must-haves we shall overcome. Honestly, New York might be the dirtiest place on Earth (I still stan for her though)! With winter happening like tomorrow, the weather will get colder and the air will get drier. The combination of that air, your thermostat turned to “on fleek” and your windows locked and sealed to hide from the hawk outside, it could be affecting your beauty routine. You might want to consider purchasing a humidifier (I’ve got mine).

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5 Facial Moisturizers You Need This Winter To Keep Your Skin “On Fleek”

GorgeousInGrey braving the first snowfall last year!

GorgeousInGrey braving the first snowfall last year!

Hey beauties, Nicole here!

Colder, dryer temps have set in which means we need to take extra good care of our skin to avoid being ashy *gasp*! A great skin care regimen is necessary all year round, but especially in these cold months that we have ahead of us.

Moisture is great for not only our body, but especially our face. It’s the first thing people usually see so it’s important, right? We don’t wanna be flaky, we want to be FLAWLESS!

Keeping your skin hydrated is important in the long run as well. As the saying goes, “black don’t crack!” Here’s why: our skin typically produces oils that keep our skin in an elastic state as we age. But even though we might have the advantage, we cannot skip on moisturizing our face. It’s just like with our hair. If we don’t moisturize our hair it tends to break off and we don’t want that!

Because I love you…here are 5 facial moisturizers you need this winter to keep your skin “on fleek”.  

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Are Using Too Much Heat On Your Hair?


By Nicole Alicia, contributing writer for

Whether you’re fully natural, transitioning or have chemically altered the state of your hair, (dying, relaxer or texturizer) it’s important to be conscious of how much heat you are using on your hair.

Too much can be dangerous for your hair!

Maybe you’ve been rockin’ that curly hairstyle for a while now. Shrinkage is killin’ your style, so you want to give your hair some length. Or maybe you just want to switch up from your normal routine? So, what do you do you?

Dig out that blow dryer, flat-iron and/or pressing comb, out of your bathroom drawer or under the sink, right?! But wait, STOP! You don’t want to end up having to cut all that hard work you put into growing your hair due to heat damage. Although it may look lovely when you shake your beautiful, straight n’ lovely hair, excessive straightening or curling, equals damage.

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