You Should Know: Brandice Henderson Daniel [VIDEO]

brandice henderson

I first met Brandice Henderson Daniel (congrats on the nuptials) when I worked at Hello Beautiful. I was invited to cover Harlem’s Fashion Row at the Apollo Theatre. I hiked it all the way from Brooklyn to Harlem and back to experience the start of something grand! 


I remember meeting Brandice and feeling so proud. Her story is simple to me. She saw a void in the opportunities for designers of color and created it. Like so many of us, Brandice just stepped out on faith and followed her passion. There’s something so magical about women, Black women specifically, who create spaces for others to grow.

That’s what Harlem’s Fashion Row is to me.

The voice for the unheard, the ignored! Whether Brandice knows it or not, she is a pioneer for designers of color. And this is why you should know her!

Brandice is expanding her platform to provide real business opportunities for designers of color, and I will be cheering along while I watch her journey explode (and taking notes of course).

I came across an interview she did recently. It’s a new series created by my blogger boo, Kela Walker ( for NYC Media called Catalyst (dammit, why didn’t I think of that name). The entire series is quite inspiring but Brandice’s testimony has made me wanna try a little lot harder at achieving my goals. Take a look!

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