The Ultimate Bridesmaid Checklist: 3 Things The Bride Will Forget To Ask But Definitely Will Need

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Being asked to be a bridesmaid is a huge honor, regardless of whether you’re a friend, family member, old classmate, sorority sister, or co-worker of the bride-to-be. My sister recently became engaged, and while that news alone made it a great day when she told me, it became even more special when she asked me to be her maid of honor. So many emotions filled my mind, but love and joy were the two that rang the loudest. I wanted to do everything I could to help make my sister’s big day as special as possible, which is exactly what every MOH and bridesmaid should do. I’m not in it alone!


be-my-bridesmaid-stationery-cardPlan with Boundaries

wedding checklistWe all know that weddings, as beautiful as they can be, are a very hectic occasion to plan.There are so many tasks; choosing a coordinator, finding the perfect venue, deciding on the menu and entertainment for guests, the list goes on and on. As a bridesmaid, you’ll need to take as many of the menial tasks as possible off the shoulders of the bride, all while making sure to not intrude on the planning process. Remember that this is the day of the happy couple, not you.

Give the bride-to-be your thoughts, but make sure you cater them to her, not you. For instance, if she loves a specific film or color pattern, suggest that she incorporate that into her wedding theme. If she decides to pass on an idea, don’t take it personally. This is a memory that your loved one will have for the rest or her life–she wants it to be her way, and that’s okay. In fact, you should always reiterate that the day is hers, and she should do whatever she likes.

When choosing a gift for the bride-to-be, make sure that it’s personal, memorable, and thoughtful. As I was shopping around for the perfect gift for my sister, I landed on this RedEnvelope page with gift ideas that completely fit her personality. Websites like this allow you the option for personalization, which can go a long way toward making a gift memorable. At the same time, they can be used purely to generate ideas and as inspiration.


Make the Time

busy womanEveryone has a life and schedules that they follow. Even so, you need to make time to be at as many pre-nuptial events as you can. If the bride-to-be wants you to attend a wine or cake tasting, do it. She’s asking you to be there for these special moments, and you should make the time to do so. You can let her know your schedule, and ask that she plan around it, but let her know that you definitely want to be there for her. As the MOH, I wanted to be everywhere, all the time. That was impossible, but I attended as many pre-nuptial outings as I could. This alleviated some of the stress from my sister. She didn’t have to worry about looking at flowers, or finding the perfect dress alone; she knew that I would be there for her.

As a bridesmaid, you should always make time. You don’t have to put your life on hold, but make sure you clear some time for the bride-to-be.


Wedding Emergency Kit

weddingDay_EmergencyKitThe day of the wedding will be chaotic for everyone, including you. Regardless, you have to be well-prepared. As the MOH, it was my duty to remember everything. I suggest that you make a checklist, and go over it countless times.Put together a wedding emergency kit. Pack the things that every bride will need, but will probably forget. Some of those items include:

Hair spray
Safety pins
Hair dryer
Travel-size sewing kit
Breath mints
First aid kit
Pain reliever
Lip balm
Nail polish
Emery board

These are some emergency items that every MOH and bridesmaid should take with them. Your duty as a bridesmaid is to make the big day go as smoothly as possible, and an emergency wedding kit could do just that. Trust me; it will definitely come in handy!

When the big day comes, you want to see a smile on the beautiful bride’s face. It warmed my heart to see my sister happy, knowing that I had something to do with that smile. Help out whenever and wherever you can, and remember–always be supportive!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Morgan Gray is a writer from NY with a fetish for stationery whose Maid of Honor title has inspired her to reach out to the Gorgeous in Grey community. She hopes that her experience will help others in similar ‘dresses’.

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