5 WordPress Plugins I am Totally In Love With

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In March 2011, I switched to WordPress and I haven’t looked back since. Determined and equipped with a ton of saved html bookmarks I finally relaunched my blog. If you blog you know that switching your blogging platform is a HUGE decision. It can be quite a scary and frustrating moment. Sometimes your blog posts are lost, you can’t find a template that you love, or you just don’t have the time to Google those important “how to’s.”

Switching to WordPress was like buying a home in the blogging community and the plugins have been my amenities. I have about 20 plugins (not all activated) and I am still adding more to my favs list.

Here’s my top five that really allow my blog to totally rock!

1) NextGEN Gallery – I use this gallery plugin when I have more than 5 images that I want to show you guys. I really hate when I’m on a blog and I’ve been scrolling for days — instant way for me to close out of your blog. This gallery is super customizable and you can add a watermark (how cool, huh!). 


2) Tweet My Post – Twitter has really changed how I blog. A lot of my ideas come from what people are tweeting. This post is amazing because I never have to remember to post something to Twitter. It automatically sends a tweet as soon as you press publish. 

3) Tweet Old Post – This plugin is not only great to capture new readers with some of your amazing posts from the past but also for those days were a ‘blogging break’ has occurred. 

4) Socialize – In the beginning I found it hard to manage all of these social networking buttons. I had a plugin for Twitter, one for Facebook, and more buttons for all the other random ones that folks don’t bother with too much. With Socialize you can easily manage all of the networks with a cool side bar that your readers will not miss. 

5) WP Touch – Sometimes this plugin takes the fun outta of your site but it is a cool feature to offer to your readers. Your posts will load much faster on their phone (works with iPhone, Android, and Blackberry) and you just might gain a reader for your courtesy. 


Q: Bloggers — What plugins I am missing out on?


9 Responses to 5 WordPress Plugins I am Totally In Love With

  1. Yakini says:

    I switched from TypePad to WP and it’s been quite an adjustment, BUT as you’ve stated the plug-ins are great and i love that the sky is the limit in terms of what you can do.

    These are all great recommendations!!!

  2. Commenting platforms I love are Disqus and most recently I discovered LiveFyre.

    For analytics: Google Analyticator, firestats, and slimstat are great.

    Also other random ones: all in one seo, and search everything

  3. Ash says:

    Are these plug ins for wordpress.org sites or wordpress.com sites??

  4. Cherrie says:

    Hey Ty! Im a new reader (via Bloggers Night Out) and was curious of which platform you used before you switched to wordpress? I use blogger as my host, but a lot of my blog friends have made the switch to wordpress. Im wondering if I should make the switch as well.

  5. Thanks for this post- I’m currently finishing up an initial “re-vamp” and stumbled upon your tips. Anything to make blogging easier is such a find.

    • Gorgeous In Grey says:

      Thanks for reading. I really should do a part II. I’ve found a few more since I published this.

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