5 Facial Moisturizers You Need This Winter To Keep Your Skin “On Fleek”

GorgeousInGrey braving the first snowfall last year!

GorgeousInGrey braving the first snowfall last year!

Hey beauties, Nicole here!


Colder, dryer temps have set in which means we need to take extra good care of our skin to avoid being ashy *gasp*! A great skin care regimen is necessary all year round, but especially in these cold months that we have ahead of us.

Moisture is great for not only our body, but especially our face. It’s the first thing people usually see so it’s important, right? We don’t wanna be flaky, we want to be FLAWLESS!

Keeping your skin hydrated is important in the long run as well. As the saying goes, “black don’t crack!” Here’s why: our skin typically produces oils that keep our skin in an elastic state as we age. But even though we might have the advantage, we cannot skip on moisturizing our face. It’s just like with our hair. If we don’t moisturize our hair it tends to break off and we don’t want that!

Because I love you…here are 5 facial moisturizers you need this winter to keep your skin “on fleek”.  

5 Facial Moisturizer - SheaMoistureRaw Shea Butter Anti Aging Moisturizer

Many naturals use the hair product line because it’s kinda amazing (check out this review here). But did you know they also have a line of products for your face also. This product uses Shea Butter which has wonderful effects on our hair. So why not use it on our skin as well. One of its other ingredients is Cocoa Butter which is a natural emollient.



5 Facial Moisturizer - Carol's Daughter Açaì Hydrating Face LotionCarol’s Daughter Açaì Hydrating Face Lotion

This moisturizer has Açaì berry, known as one of the main ingredients for anti-aging. It also includes Aloe Leaf Juices. Aloe is perfect for our skin because we know it’s a healing ingredient.



5 Facial Moisturizer - Neutrogena Deep Moisture Day CreamNeutrogena Deep Moisture Day Cream

Neutrogena is a company known solely for skin care products. This moisturizer also has a Night Moisturizer, so you can make sure you stay moisturized 24/7! It’s not heavy or greasy and smooths in easily into your skin.



5 Facial Moisturizer - Clinque Dramatically Different Moisturizing LotionClinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion

Dermatologist developed, this is an oil-free lotion that’s good for oily skin. It’s lightweight, gel is pleasantly scented as well.




5 Facial Moisturizer - AMBI Even & Clear Moisturizer Daily Moisturizer with SunscreenAMBI Even & Clear Moisturizer Daily Moisturizer with Sunscreen

In addition to moisturizing it has sunscreen for added protection and helps to even out skin tone. This moisturizer is also oil-free.


All of these products are great for moisturizing, but also we don’t want to forget the best moisturizer, drinking water. In dry, cold weather, just like summer. it’s important that we get our water consumption up and keep that way!

Happy moisturizing 🙂

By Nicole Alicia, contributing writer for GorgeousInGrey.com



  1. J.
    December 15, 2015 / 10:43 am

    I enjoyed this post!
    One quick thing. The dramatically different moisturizing gel is the oil-free, lightweight version for oily skin.

    • Kathy
      November 22, 2016 / 1:51 pm

      Thanks, I bought the clinique gel and realized I should have stuck with the lotion, bc I have dry skin. This was a very good post, so informative.

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