27 Thoughts We All Have While Shopping In Sephora


You know what time it is. You ran out of your favorite bronzer, and need to go to Sephora. Will this trip be any different from your hundred others? Nope!


Here are 27 thoughts you have when shopping in Sephora.

1. Why is it so bright in here? 2. Ooh, sparkly nail polish! 3. This OPI color looks just like my Essie. Wait, wait, I see the difference, it’s a little more blue greenish purple, and not so greenish purple blue. 4. I’m going to get it.

kelly rowland

5. The name of it is so cute! ‘Eggplant lasagna’– totes gonna wear this tonight. 6. I know I came in here for something. 7. NARS always has the best lipstick. 8. Uh uh! But why is it always so damn expensive? 9. How come Sephora never has sales? 10. They’re allergic or something?

not my jam gif11. I wanna try on the color but these lipstick tubes are a war zone… 12. … and I don’t have time for cold sores. Ever. 13. I’ll just buy this anyway.

raven looks around

14. Perfume! 15. Lemme just spray a little right here because I have a date later and… 16. *looks around* 17. Hope no one saw me spritz it on my belly button. 18. No, thanks, I don’t need a basket. 19. Yea, okay, gimme the basket. 20. Why is this checkout always so long?

mean girls whatever

21. How come they have headsets on behind the counter? 22. I didn’t know I needed this $22 lip balm by the counter. 23. I have all these points and THESE are my free gifts? 24. *sigh* 25. How much?! 26. *deep sigh* 27. I’ll be back. I always come back…



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  1. May 21, 2014 / 2:13 pm

    Hilarious! And so true. Makes me want to run to my nearest Sephora now. Can’t stay away …

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