For our holiday vacation last year my fiance’s family and I went on a Royal Caribbean cruise. Holidays for me are usually super depressing for me (my mom died in case you’re new to my blog) and I never want to do anything. But my fiance convinced me a cruise was a good idea. I contacted Royal Caribbean and they hooked us up. Literally! Free wifi and a room credit for $300 which we used for excursions. One of them was ziplining in Haiti.  View Post

women putting on moisturizer

Even though it hasn’t gotten super cold this winter in NY, the cold air is still wreaking havoc on my skin and my hair, causing both to dry out faster than usual. As if losing moisture isn’t enough I’m making sure that my summer glow from my vacation don’t fade away. So what’s a girl to do?

Using the same products year round will not cut it because in the winter our hair and skin need a little more TLC.  Check out my 10 beauty products to keep you hydrated and glowing during our last few days of winter! View Post

gorgeous in grey

It’s been a minute since I’ve answered your questions in my blog series You Ask, I Answer so let’s start with one that I’ve been getting a lot lately: what is the correct order to apply your skincare products and what is my routine?

In case you missed it I turned 40 in November of 2016. I’m still working on my tummy and this annoying back fat that came out of nowhere (I’m hoping to magically inherit Angela Bassett’s body) but my skin… she’s tight, like legit beyond dope. It’s been semi-dope since forever because…good genes, but somewhere in my 30’s I began to pay attention to the way my skin reacted to products and food (I don’t eat red meat for digestive reasons and it was messing with the texture of my skin) and it’s been paying off.  View Post

essence black women in hollywood

Flossing with the 2017 Lincoln Continental Black Label in White Platinum

Attending the ESSENCE Black Women in Hollywood event with Lincoln Motor Company was without a doubt the highlight of my 2017 and it’s only February. For the 10th anniversary of ESSENCE’S most coveted black girl magic bash they held no punches. The room was brimming with legends and next generation game changers. The little girl inside of me who would lock herself in the bathroom and stand on a stool and recite acceptance speeches in the mirror was in heaven.  View Post