This year I told myself that I would utilize all of my talents. Back in the day, I did some modeling (that’s sounds so, “Welcome to the 40 and over club” but whatever!). And by modeling I mean…I was local. AF! I did all those borderline ghetto fashion shows in the DMV and I even went on to produce a huge show in Baltimore. But I left that world and headed to New York to become a writer (which will always be my main bih, I’m an author now!). But for me, modeling is a close second. My love for modeling is kind of a no brainer. You get dolled up, get your hair did, put on designer clothes, sport some even fancier shoes, twirl around a bit, smile a whole lot and then you get paid. Sign me all the way up!

I had to opportunity to work with on their Spring Trends IT List. View Post

woman using facial mask

So I have a confession to make. I am totally obsessed with facial masks. I faithfully use them at least 2 or 3 times a week and I have a very enviable collection of some of the best facial masks on the market stashed in my beauty closet (and for the record, my beauty closet is also quite enviable too). If you’ve ever gone to the spa and opted to get a facial then you know that the facial masks are the best part of the treatment. From their relaxing aromatherapy to their baby skin after effects, facial masks are the latest skin care must do and have.  View Post

For our holiday vacation last year my fiance’s family and I went on a Royal Caribbean cruise. Holidays for me are usually super depressing for me (my mom died in case you’re new to my blog) and I never want to do anything. But my fiance convinced me a cruise was a good idea. I contacted Royal Caribbean and they hooked us up. Literally! Free wifi and a room credit for $300 which we used for excursions. One of them was ziplining in Haiti.  View Post

women putting on moisturizer

Even though it hasn’t gotten super cold this winter in NY, the cold air is still wreaking havoc on my skin and my hair, causing both to dry out faster than usual. As if losing moisture isn’t enough I’m making sure that my summer glow from my vacation don’t fade away. So what’s a girl to do?

Using the same products year round will not cut it because in the winter our hair and skin need a little more TLC.  Check out my 10 beauty products to keep you hydrated and glowing during our last few days of winter! View Post