We all know that the best gifts that you’ve ever received were the ones you bought yourself. So this Valentine’s day I think it’s high time you pamper yourself (single, married or complicated) with a few things that will make your heart completely turn over and swoon with joy and other sappy stuff. I mean after all, the relationship you have with yourself is the most important and it’s so worthy of the celebration. So because I love you (and maybe I am buying these too) here’s 7 gift ideas to help you do all of the above. View Post

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I tell everyone who is looking to become a full-time blogger that you need to figure out (quickly) what your streams of income will be. Having multiple streams of income is the only way you will survive. There will be times when the sponsored post game will be scarce (first quarter is always rough for me) and you won’t be able to pay your bills on promised money. One of my streams of income is ad sales. Through lots of trail and error, I’ve learned that the only way to make decent money with ad sales (and I’m talking commas) is to boost your blog’s traffic using SEO techniques. There are lots of tricks and proven tips that get your blog noticed by the Internet God–Google! Since we learned in grade school that sharing is caring…here’s a few SEO tips for all my blogger babes! View Post

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Roses are red, shoes are too…I want diamonds for Valentine’s Day, how about you? After reading that first line, I’m sure you can tell what this post is about. If you guessed St. Patrick’s Day, put the glass down slowly. This post is all about the Valentine’s Day gifts every girl wants you to buy them. So listen up fellas!

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Awards season brings out the best beauty looks from some of our favorite gals. Singer Janelle Monae (Hidden Figures and Moonlight) attended the SAG Awards channeling her inner Queen Elizabeth with the help of Covergirl and makeup artist Jessica Smalls. Jessica shares the inspiration behind Janelle’s stunning SAG Awards beauty look from tonight’s red carpet. View Post


We’re only 25 days into 2017 and by now everyone has many irons in the fire. For many people, they’ve been planning and setting goals for the year since last summer or early fall. Now, things are in full swing; new ideas, new goals and creative juices are at a high, the question is, how long will it last? View Post